Umberto Raho

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Umberto Raho
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Born(1922-06-04)June 4, 1922
Bari, Italy
Died9 January 2016(2016-01-09) (aged 93)
Anzio, Italy
Years active1948-1999

Umberto Raho (4 June 1922 – 9 January 2016) was an Italian stage, film and television actor.


Life and career

Born in Bari, the son of an Italian father and a Bulgarian mother, Raho graduated in philosophy and then, immediately after the war, he debuted on stage. [1] While theater was his main activity, Raho was also a very prolific film character actor, with over one hundred credits starting from 1948. [1] He was also active in television films and series. [1]


Raho died on 9 January 2016 in Anzio, Italy, at the age of 93 [2] .

Selected filmography

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