Under the Tonto Rim

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Under the Tonto Rim may refer to:

Under the Tonto Rim is a Western novel by Zane Grey first published in book form by Harper & Brothers in 1926. Prior to publication of the book the story had been serialized in 1925 as "The Bee Hunter" in Ladies' Home Journal.

<i>Under the Tonto Rim</i> (1928 film) 1928 film by Herman C. Raymaker

Under the Tonto Rim is a lost 1928 American silent western film directed by Herman C. Raymaker and starring Richard Arlen and Mary Brian. It is based on the novel a novel by Zane Grey and was remade in 1933 and 1947.

Under the Tonto Rim is a 1933 American Pre-Code Western comedy film directed by Henry Hathaway and starring Stuart Erwin and Verna Hillie. The film is a remake of a 1928 silent film starring Richard Arlen and Mary Brian. Both are based on the Zane Grey 1926 novel of the same name, as is a 1947 film.

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To the Last Man: A Story of the Pleasant Valley War is a western novel written by Zane Grey.

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Tonto Creek is a 72.5-mile-long (116.7 km) stream located in the Mogollon Rim area of the state of Arizona on the north edge of the Tonto National Forest. The closest town, Payson, is 18 miles (29 km) away. Tonto Creek is a stream that flows year round, starting just below the Mogollon Rim, at the northern edge of Tonto National Forest. The creek continues its descent through the Hellsgate Wilderness area and eventually into a wide valley in the Sonoran Desert. It continues through the desert and into the Salt River within the north end of Theodore Roosevelt Lake. The facilities are maintained by Tonto National Forest division of the USDA Forest Service.

Richard Martin was a prolific RKO contract actor. He was most known for his role as Chito Rafferty, the Irish-Mexican western comedy relief sidekick of Tim Holt. Before their pairing, Martin originated the role in the 1943 film Bombardier.

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Gerald Geraghty was an American screenwriter, mostly of Westerns.