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Unexpect 2009.jpg
Unexpect on the Progressive Nation European tour in 2009
Background information
Origin Montréal, Québec, Canada
Genres Avant-garde metal
Years active1996–2015
Labels The End, Galy Records
Website www.unexpect.com, archived on July 28, 2015
Blaise Borboën-Léonard
Past membersExoD
Le Bateleur
Anthony Trujillo

Unexpect (often stylized as uneXpect, or unexpecT, [1] and UnexpecT) was a Canadian avant-garde extreme metal band from Montréal, Canada, featuring a unique amalgamation of different metal subgenres like progressive, technical death, black and melodic heavy metal, and of other styles of music including classical, dark cabaret, opera, jazz, funk, electro, ambient, noise, and circus music.


The band's debut album, Utopia , was independently released. The band only had word of mouth and the Internet to market the work. With unorthodox distribution and online support, the album sold successfully. [2] They released their two following albums via The End Records, before returning to independent releases.


Two of the founding members had a long tenure with the band: Artagoth and SyriaK. Unexpect recorded their first album, Utopia , in 1998, and released it in 1999 independently. The 2003 EP _We, Invaders was released in November 2003 on the Canadian label Galy Records. They then signed with New York-based The End Records and the band's second album In a Flesh Aquarium was released on August 22, 2006, in North America. Unexpect released their third album, Fables of the Sleepless Empire, on May 31, 2011. The band won the 7th annual Independent Music Awards Vox Pop vote for best Hard Rock/Metal Album with In a Flesh Aquarium.

On August 22, 2015, after the band had been inactive for almost three years, and with few updates, an announcement was made on their official Facebook page stating the members had decided to disband for good and pursue their own personal musical endeavours. [3]





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