Unfair: The Movie

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Unfair: The Movie
Unfair The Movie poster.jpeg
アンフェア the movie
Directed byYoshinori Kobayashi
Based on Unfair
Starring Ryoko Shinohara
Release date
  • March 17, 2007 (2007-03-17)
Running time
112 minutes

Unfair: The Movie (アンフェア the movie) is a 2007 Japanese action film directed by Yoshinori Kobayashi, follow up to the Japanese television drama Unfair , and still starring Ryoko Shinohara in the main role. [1] It's a Die Hard -like movie,[ citation needed ] where the heroine, a police officer, must free her daughter trapped in a hospital taken by terrorists asking for a ransom. It was released on March 17, 2007 and followed by Unfair 2: The Answer in 2011 and Unfair: The End in 2015.



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Unfair is an action Japanese television drama with 11 episodes and one TV special, aired in Japan in 2006 on Fuji-TV, and followed by a movie Unfair: The Movie in 2007 with the same cast. Two other films have also been released: Unfair 2: The Answer in 2011 and Unfair: The End in 2015.

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Unfair: The End is a 2015 Japanese police procedural thriller film based on the Japanese television drama series Unfair. It follows two other films based on the series, Unfair: The Movie (2007) and Unfair 2: The Answer (2011). The film is directed by Shimako Satō, who also directed the previous film, with Ryoko Shinohara reprising her role from the series and films. It was released on September 5, 2015.

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