Unified Trade Union Sub Federation of Peasant Workers of Ancoraimes – Tupak Katari

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Unified Trade Union Sub Federation of Peasant Workers of Ancoraimes - Túpak Katari (in Spanish: Sub Federación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Ancoraimes Túpak Katari) is a trade union in Ancoraimes, La Paz Department, Bolivia. SFSUTCA-TK also contested and won the December 2004 municipal elections. Leandro Chacalluca Mamani of SFSUTAC-TK was elected mayor of the city.

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Túpac Katari

Túpac Katari or Catari, born Julián Apasa Nina, was the indigenous Aymara leader of a major insurrection in colonial-era Upper Peru, laying siege to La Paz for six months. His wife Bartolina Sisa and his sister Gregoria Apaza participated in the rebellion by his side. The rebellion was ultimately put down by Spanish loyalists and Katari was executed by quartering.

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Felipe Quispe Huanca "Mallku" is a Bolivian historian and political leader. He heads the Pachakuti Indigenous Movement (MIP) and has been general secretary of the United Union Confederation of Working Peasants of Bolivia (CSUTCB).

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Omasuyos Province Province in La Paz Department, Bolivia

Omasuyos or Uma Suyu is a province in the La Paz Department in Bolivia. Its capital is Achacachi.

The UnifiedSyndical Confederation of Rural Workers of Bolivia is the largest union of peasants in Bolivia.

Bartolina Sisa

Bartolina Sisa Vargas was an Aymaran woman and indigenous heroine who led numerous revolts against the Spanish rule in Charcas, then part of the Viceroyalty of Peru and present-day Bolivia. Alongside her husband, the indigenous leader Túpac Katari, she participated in the organisation of indigenous military camps that took part in the siege of La Paz. She was betrayed and turned in to the Spanish authorities, who later executed her.

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Achacachi Municipality Municipality in La Paz Department, Bolivia

Achacachi Municipality is one of six municipalities of the Omasuyos Province in the La Paz Department in Bolivia. Its seat is Achacachi.

Tomás Katari or Catari was an Aymara peasant and cacique of northern Potosí who led a popular uprising in Upper Peru in the late 18th century.

Jenaro Flores Santos often Genaro Flores Santos, was a Bolivian trade union leader and politician.

The Tupac Katari Revolutionary Movement is a left-wing political party in Bolivia.

Gudivada Assembly constituency is a constituency in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, representing the state legislative assembly in India. It is one of the seven assembly segments of Machilipatnam, along with Gannavaram, Pedana, Machilipatnam, Avanigadda, Pamarru SC and Penamaluru. Katari Eswar Kumar is the youngest cabinet minister of combined states who represented Gudivada.Katari's father late Katari Satyam Garu was known for his charisma in state politics as he was one of the veteran Congress leaders. Even Indira Gandhiji used to praise Katari Satyam Garu and named him as Ukku Katari.He contested against actor turned politician Sr NTR and lost by 1800 votes. Both Katari and Kodali were having good relationship as Guru-Sishyas. Ex-Minister Katari Eswar Kumar is one of the veteran politicians of Andhra Pradesh.He contested and won for the first time in 1989 against Raavi Sobhanadri Chowdary .Upon his victory he got his place in chenna reddy cabinet as minister. He contested as independent in 1999 and bagged 19000 votes where Nandamuri Hari Krishna lost his deposits in the same election. He has a huge name and fame among weaker sections and has huge yadav community following. He is carrying his father Late Shri Katari Satyanarayana's (Satyam) legacy who worked as Municipal Chairman once and as MLA for twice and also donated high worth lands for government purposes. He is known as BC leader. Eswar Katari had studied M.Com and was very loyal to democracy and rules. Even existing MLA Kodali Nani treats Katari as his "Guru"'Kodali Sri Venkateswara Rao is the present MLA of the constituency, who won the 2019 Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly election from Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party. As of 25 March 2019, there a total of 208,305 electors in the constituency.

Túpac Katari 1 or TKSat-1 is a telecommunications satellite that the government of Bolivia outsourced to People's Republic of China (PRC) to serve telecommunications in Bolivia, such as mobile, television and Internet use.

Bolivian Space Agency National space agency of Bolivia

The Bolivian Space Agency is the national space agency of Bolivia. Established in 2010, the agency is responsible for developing and implementing communications satellite programs and other space projects. On 20 December 2013, the ABE oversaw the launch of the nation's first artificial satellite, Túpac Katari 1. The satellite began operating the following year, providing telecommunication services to rural Bolivia.