Union des jeunesses communistes marxistes-léninistes

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The Union of Communist Youth Marxist-Leninist (French : Union des jeunesses communistes marxistes-léninistes, abbreviated UJC(ml)) was French maoist youth organization. UJC(ml) was founded on 10 December 1966, by youth activists excluded from the Union of Communist Students. On 12 June 1968, UJC(ml) was banned under a decree signed by then President of France Charles de Gaulle in response to the May Events of that year. [1] Some members of UJC(ml) founded new political movement - Gauche prolétarienne


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Benny Lévy was a philosopher, political activist and author. A political figure of May 1968 in France, he was the disciple and last personal secretary of Jean-Paul Sartre from 1974 to 1980. Along with him, he helped founding the French newspaper Libération in 1972.

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Edgar Morin is a French philosopher and sociologist who has been internationally recognized for his work on complexity and "complex thought", and for his scholarly contributions to such diverse fields as media studies, politics, sociology, visual anthropology, ecology, education, and systems biology. He holds degrees in history, economics, and law. Though less well known in the anglophone world due to the limited availability of English translations of his over 60 books, Morin is renowned in the French-speaking world, Europe, and Latin America.

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Jean-Pierre Azéma is a French historian.

The Union of Communist Students is a French student political organization, part of the Mouvement Jeunes Communistes de France. It was founded in 1939 but dissolved after World War II. The UEC was re-created in 1956, along with the MJCF. It is independent from the French Communist Party (PCF) although it remains close to it. It maintains exchange contacts with the PCF, in particular on student issues. The UEC is organized in sectors, by university, and is led by a national collective elected during the congress of the MJCF and renewed during the National Assemblies of the facilitators, every year. A national coordination runs the organization.

Albert Jacquard

Albert Jacquard was a French far left geneticist, popularizer of science and essayist.

Sylvain Lazarus is a French sociologist, anthropologist and political theorist. He has also written under the pseudonym Paul Sandevince. Lazarus is a Professor at the Paris 8 University.

Antoinette Fouque was a psychoanalyst who was involved in the French women's liberation movement. She was the leader of one of the groups that originally formed the French Women's Liberation (MLF), and she later registered the trademark MLF specifically under her name. She helped found the "Éditions des femmes" as well as the first collection of audio-books in France, "Bibliothèque des voix". Her position in feminist theory was primarily essentialist, and heavily based in psychoanalysis.

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Armed Nuclei for Popular Autonomy, also known as NAPAP, was a French Maoist armed organization formed in december 1976. According to the police, alleged leader of the NAPAP was Christian Harbulot. Members of the NAPAP influenced the Communist Combatant Cells in Belgium.

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Jean Schalit was a French journalist.

André Senik, is a French associate professor of philosophy and former communist activist.