Union of Democratic Peasants/Party of Labour

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Union of Democratic Peasants/Party of Labour (French : Union des paysans démocrates/Parti du travail, UPD/PT) is a political party in Burkina Faso. The party was founded January 15, 2002. The party strives to achieve self-reliance in agricultural production. [1]

In the 2006 municipal elections, UPD/PT obtained 46 votes. [2]

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Elections in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir are conducted in accordance with the Constitution of India to elect the representatives of various bodies at national, state and district levels including the 114 seat unicameral Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly and the Parliament of India. The first elections in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir are scheduled to take place between 28 November and 19 December in the form of by-elections to District Development Councils and municipal and panchayat level bodies.

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Union for Peace and Development Party (UPD), abbreviated UPD in English and XMNH in the Somali language, is a socially conservative political party in Somalia. It was developed from the tradition of nationalism, Islamism, and conservative democracy. The UPD party is one of the largest Somali political parties and some leading members of the party were former members of the government of former Somali presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. UPD is also a member of the Forum for National Parties which is led by Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.