Università degli Studi Pegaso

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Pegaso University
Università degli Studi Pegaso
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MottoLa tecnologia più potente al mondo al tuo servizio (The most powerful technology in the world at your service)
President Danilo Iervolino
Rector Michele Corsi and Luigia Melillo
DirectorElio Pariota
CampusOpen / Blended
AffiliationsMediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED)
Website www.unipegaso.it/

The Pegaso University (Italian : Università degli Studi Pegaso or PegasoUniversità Telematica), often abbreviated as "Unipegaso", is an open (Italian: aperta) university founded in 2006 in Naples, Italy. [1] The university is accredited and recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education.


Method of Study

It provides blended academic courses and it spreads across Italy (over 90 regions [2] ) and abroad.

Academic qualifications awarded by public or private Open Universities are equal in academic standard to qualifications issued by traditional on-campus institutions. They have the same legal value, they are well-respected, and they are highly-preferred during the COVID-19 pandemic. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Structure and Organization

This Open University offers degree programmes upon a variety of academic fields including Economics, Law, Development and Engineering, Education, Linguistics, Tourism, Management, Psychology, etc. [8]

All academic programmes are fully recognised by the Italian Government (MIUR GU n. 118 del 23.5.2006 – SO n. 125), being highly respected and approved of by similar open/distance institutions in Europe and abroad, including the Open University of the UK. [9]

Pegaso International Higher Education Institution [10] (Republic of Malta) is a stand-alone member institution, fully recognised by the Maltese Government, [11] belongs to the British Commonwealth Academic Association, [12] and offers International Bachelor's, [13] Master's, [14] and Doctoral programmes [15] in Malta, Italy and abroad - all of which are fully and unconditionally recognized as European Qualifications. [16] [17]

The academic excellence of Pegaso is further established by the Euro-Mediterranean Union (UNIMED), where a lot of prestigious universities also participate, including the University of Strasbourg (France), the University of Barcelona (Spain), the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece), the University of Cyprus (Cyprus), etc. [18] As an international academic institution, Pegaso is fully accredited by ASIC UK [19] (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities) on the grounds of its Premises, Health, Safety, Governance, Learning, Teaching and Research Activity, Immigration Regulations etc. [20] [21]

This University belongs to the 21st century distance-learning institutions and goes in tandem with other recent and technologically-powerful institutions, like Università Telematica Universitas Mercatorum, Frederick University, Università degli Studi eCampus, Open University of Hong Kong, Open University Malaysia, Open University of the Netherlands etc.

Accreditation and Memberships

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