University of Córdoba (Spain)

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University of Córdoba
Universidad de Córdoba
Type Public
Rector José Carlos Gómez Villamandos
Academic staff
1,429 (2010)
Students15,000 (2010)
Campus Córdoba and Bélmez

The University of Córdoba (Spanish: Universidad de Córdoba, UCO), is a university in Córdoba, in Andalusia, Spain, chartered in 1972. [1] It offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies in humanities, social sciences, health sciences, natural sciences and engineering.



Rectorate building of the University of Cordoba. Rectorado, Universidad de Cordoba 001.JPG
Rectorate building of the University of Córdoba.

Although it was established in 1972, UCO is the inheritor of the Free University of Córdoba (Universidad Libre de Córdoba), which operated in the province in the late 19th century. Centenary institutions like the Faculty of Veterinary Science depend on UCO.

UCO stands out for its specialization in natural sciences, offering degrees in chemistry, biology, environmental sciences and agronomic and forest engineering. It is also specialized in health sciences, offering degrees in nursing and medicine, closely linked to the Reina Sofía University Hospital, and in humanities (history, art history, teacher training, philosophy, and diverse liberal arts degrees).

The university is structured in three main campuses: the Humanities and Legal and Social Sciences Campus, integrated in the urban centre; the Health Sciences Campus, in the west of the city; and the Agrifood, Science and Technology campus of Rabanales, in the east of the city. UCO also contains the Polytechnic School of Bélmez, situated seventy kilometres away from Córdoba, where Mining Engineering and Public Works Technical Engineering degrees are offered.

Campuses and structure

Faculty of Medicine. Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Cordoba (Espana).JPG
Faculty of Medicine.
Faculty of Education Sciences. Facultad de Ciencias de la Educacion (UCO).jpg
Faculty of Education Sciences.

The university has four campuses, three in the city of Córdoba and one in Bélmez. [2]

Rabanales Campus

Menéndez Pidal Campus

City Centre Campus

Bélmez Campus

Research centres

Reina Sofia University Hospital. HospitalReinaSofiaCordoba.jpg
Reina Sofía University Hospital.

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