University of Cundinamarca

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University of Cundinamarca
Universidad de Cundinamarca
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Former names
University Institute of Cundinamarca (1969 - 1992)
MottoEx umbra in solem
Motto in English
From the shadows to the light
Type Public, departmental
EstablishedDecember 19, 1969
Endowment $28.6 million (2021) [1]
Academic staff
1073 (fall 2018) [2]
Administrative staff
Students13,234 (fall 2018) [3]
Undergraduates 13,121 (fall 2016) [4]
Postgraduates 360 (fall 2016) [5]
Location, ,

The University of Cundinamarca (Spanish : Universidad de Cundinamarca), is a public, departmental, coeducational university located primarily in the city of Fusagasugá in Cundinamarca, Colombia. The university has satellite campuses across the department in the cities of Chía, Chocontá, Facatativá, Girardot, Soacha, Ubaté and Zipaquirá.


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