Universytet (Kharkiv Metro)

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Kharkiv Metro Station
Coordinates 50°0′15″N36°14′8″E / 50.00417°N 36.23556°E / 50.00417; 36.23556 Coordinates: 50°0′15″N36°14′8″E / 50.00417°N 36.23556°E / 50.00417; 36.23556
Owned by Kharkiv Metro
Line(s)Kiev Metro Line 2.svg Saltivska Line
Structure typeunderground
Platform levels1
Opened10 August 1984
Preceding station  Kharkiv Metro  Following station
Saltivska Line
toward  Heroiv Pratsi
toward  Peremoha
Oleksiivska Line
Transfer at: Derzhprom
toward  Metrobudivnykiv

The Universytet (Ukrainian : Університет, ( Loudspeaker.svg listen ), Russian : Университет) is a station on Kharkiv Metro's Saltivska Line. The station was opened on 10 August 1984 and is located beneath the Ploscha Svobody , at the time, the largest square in Europe and the second largest in the world after Tiananmen Square, in the centre of Kharkiv. The station is named after the Kharkiv National University, which is located on top of the square.

Up until 1994 the station was called Dzerzhinska according to the name of the square Poloscha Dzerzhinskoho, (Dzherzhinsky square) after the founder of the Soviet Secret Police Felix Dzerzhinsky. It currently forms a complex with the adjacent station Derzhprom on the Oleksiivska Line.

The station is located deep underground and is a bi-level pillar-trispan with blank marble columns. The station's second level balconiesare The station's service rooms are located on one of the second level balconies, and the other balcony is used as an underground passenger transfer for when there are fairs and concerts on the Ploscha Svobody. The underground transfer was once used for daily passenger usage during the 1980s, but was closed down during the early 1990s.

There are six-meter cupolas in diameter, each hanging 12 meters apart and weighing 120 tons, are incorporated into the ceiling, in which the station's chandeliers hang. The station itself is 13 meters in width, due to the transfer point to the Derzhprom station on the Oleksiyivsky Line. The transfer itself was supposed to include escalator access to passengers, but as there was an economic crisis in the country, the escalators were abandoned and replaced with regualer stairs.

A large portrait of Felix Dzerzhinsky was located on the station which was later removed after the renovation of the station. Station vestibules are located on both ends of the station, which have been linked with a network of underground passenger tunnels which have many small shops.

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The Prospekt Haharina or Prospekt Gagarina is a station on Kharkiv Metro's Kholodnohirsko–Zavodska Line. It opened on 23 August 1975. It is located in the southern part of the city's center, at the beginning of the Prospekt Haharina street, for which the station is named, and near the Kharkiv-Levada Railway Station and the nearby autostation, which accounts for the station's fairly large passenger traffic.


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