Last updated
Founded1969 as Uny Co., Ltd.
2012 as Uny Group Holdings, Ltd.
Area served
Japan, China, Hong Kong
Parent FamilyMart Uny Holdings, Ltd. (60%)
Don Quijote Holdings Co., Ltd. (40%)
Website www.uny.co.jp
APiTA in Konan, Aichi Prefecture APiTA.kounannishi1.JPG
APiTA in Konan, Aichi Prefecture
Piago UNY in Telford Plaza, Hong Kong Piago UNY Telford Plaza Store.jpg
Piago UNY in Telford Plaza, Hong Kong

Uny Co., Ltd. (ユニー株式会社, Yunī Kabushikigaisha) (TYO : 8270, NGO:8270) is a company that operates a chain of supermarkets in Japan. Most of the stores are mainly located in the Chūbu and Kantō regions, with an international branch in Cityplaza, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong operated by Uny (HK) Co., Ltd. with a brand name called APiTA, which is a subsidiary company of Henderson Land Development. The company is headquartered in Inazawa, Aichi Prefecture.


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