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Location of Uzyn
Coordinates: 49°49′27″N30°26′33″E / 49.82417°N 30.44250°E / 49.82417; 30.44250 Coordinates: 49°49′27″N30°26′33″E / 49.82417°N 30.44250°E / 49.82417; 30.44250
Kyiv Oblast
Bilotserkivskyi Raion
First mentioned1590
City rightsAugust 25, 1971
  Total67 km2 (26 sq mi)
Postal code
Area code(s) +380 4563

Uzyn (Ukrainian : Узин) is a city in Bila Tserkva Raion of Kyiv Oblast (province) of northern Ukraine. The city and covers an area of 67 km2 (26 sq mi). Population: 11,998(2020 est.) [1] .


The largest industrial organisations within Uzyn are a sugar collective combine, from which Ukraine gets 7% of its sugar production, as well as a tinning factory. There is also Uzyn (air base) of the Ukrainian Air Forces.


Uzyn was first mentioned in the year 1590 under the name Uzenytsia, and later as Tenberschyna. Since the end of the 18th century, the city carries its current name. From 1923 to 1930, the city served as the raion centre of the Bilotserkivskyi Okrug. In 1956, Uzyn received the status of an urban-type settlement, and in 1971, the status of a city.


The population of Uzyn is currently 12,166 (as of 2011):

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