Västervik Speedway

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Västervik Speedway
Club information
Track addressSparbanken Arena
Country Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Team manager Marvyn Cox
Peter Helgesson
Team captain Peter Ljung
League Elitserien
Website Official Website
Club facts
ColoursBlue and yellow
Track record time55.2 seconds
Track record date2005
Track record holder Bjarne Pedersen and Niels-Kristian Iversen
Major team honours
Elitserien Champions 2005

Västervik Speedway are a motorcycle speedway team from Västervik in Sweden. They were established as Skepparna in 1966 and have raced in the Elitserien, the top league division of Swedish speedway, since 1991, changing their name to Västervik in 1993. [1] [2] They were Elitserien Champions in 2005 and in 2007 they finished runners-up to Dackarna. [3] The team is managed by Peter Helgesson and Marvyn Cox. Former riders include 1993 World Champion Sam Ermolenko and Australia national speedway team manager Craig Boyce.


2012 Team

Flag of Croatia.svg Jurica Pavlič 1.889
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Chris Harris 1.669
Flag of Poland.svg Tomasz Jedrzejak 1.520
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Daniel King 1.508
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Dave Watt 1.500
Flag of Poland.svg Rafal Okoniewski 1.432
Flag of Sweden.svg Peter Ljung 1.393
Flag of Sweden.svg Mikael Max 1.383
Flag of Sweden.svg Pontus Aspgren 0.973

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