Vaasa Airport

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Vaasa Airport

Vaasan lentoasema
Vasa flygplats
Vaasan lentoasema.jpg
Airport typePublic
Operator Finavia
Location Vaasa, Finland
Elevation  AMSL 6 m / 21 ft
Coordinates 63°02′43″N021°45′51″E / 63.04528°N 21.76417°E / 63.04528; 21.76417 Coordinates: 63°02′43″N021°45′51″E / 63.04528°N 21.76417°E / 63.04528; 21.76417
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Airplane silhouette.svg
Location within Finland
Direction LengthSurface
16/342,5008,202 Asphalt
Statistics (2018)
Passengers315,900 [1]
Landings2,893 [2]
Source: AIP Finland [3]

Vaasa Airport (Finnish : Vaasan lentoasema, Swedish : Vasa flygplats) ( IATA : VAA, ICAO : EFVA) is located in Vaasa, Finland, about 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) south-east of Vaasa city centre. It is the 6th biggest airport in Finland in terms of passengers. In 2018, 315,900 passengers traveled via the airport. [4]



The airport was opened in 1938 when Aero began passenger traffic, which was later interrupted by the war. [5] In 1945 the airport building was completed and passenger routes were reopened.

The airport took it current shape in the 1950s, when the runway was extended to 1,800 metres and the airport building was expanded. In 1951 Vaasa Airport got its first international connection as Veljekset Karhumäki opened a route to Sundsvall in Sweden. In 1971 the runway was extended to 2,000 metres and Finnair began jet traffic with DC-9 aircraft.

In 1993 the third and most significant expansion at the airport was completed, with the airport getting separate facilities for domestic and international traffic and with a significant improvement of the airport's services. In 1998 Vaasa Airport took a step towards more international aviation, as the runway was extended to 2,500 metres in October. In 2014 the terminal's renovation was completed: a new baggage claim hall, security control rearrangement, another café and a new store.

In 2005, [6] 2008, [7] and once again in 2017 [8] Vaasa Airport was chosen as the Airport of the Year in Finland.

Regular airlines at Vaasa airport are Finnair and Scandinavian Airlines. The airport is also served by several charters with destinations to Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Greece, Spain, Turkey and Thailand.

The remains of the decommissioned 11/29 1,500m asphalt runway exist towards the south-west of the aerodrome.

Airlines and destinations

Aegean Airlines Seasonal charter: Chania
Finnair Helsinki
Scandinavian Airlines Stockholm–Arlanda
Sunclass Airlines Seasonal charter: Gran Canaria
Interior of Vaasa Airport Terminal Vaasa airport.jpg
Interior of Vaasa Airport Terminal

Passenger statistics

See source Wikidata query and sources.

Annual passenger statistics for Vaasa Airport [9]
YearDomestic passengersInternational passengersTotal passengersChange
2000227,52398,851326,374+4.2% Increase2.svg
2001216,40995,651312,060−4.4% Decrease2.svg
2002194,65174,466269,117−13.8% Decrease2.svg
2003169,08879,836248,924−7.5% Decrease2.svg
2004166,83694,480261,316+5.0% Increase2.svg
2005178,378118,886297,264+13.8% Increase2.svg
2006195,045111,106306,151+3.0% Increase2.svg
2007213,833108,095321,928+5.3% Increase2.svg
2008234,447108,948343,395+6.7% Increase2.svg
2009207,27486,983294,257−14.3% Decrease2.svg
2010194,10294,040288,142−2.1% Decrease2.svg
2011226,931111,568338,499+18.0% Increase2.svg
2012218,742155,399374,141+10.5% Increase2.svg.
2013185,562133,753319,315-14.7% Decrease2.svg
2014184,316141,570325,886+2.1% Increase2.svg
2015162,864119,573282,437-13.3% Decrease2.svg
2016173,541114,979288,520+2.2% Increase2.svg
2017162,333137,785300,118+4.0% Increase2.svg
2018166,195149,705315,900+5.3% Increase2.svg
2019165,125138,786303,911-3.8% Decrease2.svg
202035,30324,40959,712-80.4% Decrease2.svg

Ground transportation

Means of transport at Vaasa Airport
Means of transportOperatorRouteDestinationsWebsiteNotes
Feature suburban buses.svg BusVaasa Local Traffic4, 10Market Square (Finnish : Kauppatori, Swedish : Salutorget) Every hour on weekdays
Emojione 1F696.svg TaxiTaksi Vaasa-VasaTaxiVaasa

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