Vaimaye Vellum

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Vaimaye Vellum
Directed by P. Vasu
Written byP. Vasu
Produced byS. R. Balajee
Edited byP. Mohanraj
Music by Deva
S. B. Films
Release date
  • 14 February 1997 (1997-02-14)
Running time
150 minutes

Vaimaye Vellum (transl.Truth alone triumphs) is a 1997 Indian Tamil-language crime film directed by P. Vasu. The film stars Parthiban and Rachana Banerjee. It was released on 14 February 1997. [1] [2]



Perumal (Rajan P. Dev), a corrupt police officer, is transferred to the same area after 20 years.

In the past, Perumal's wife died during her delivery and Perumal felt that his newborn son brought him bad luck. Perumal later married Saraswathi (Vennira Aadai Nirmala). Despite being a clever student, Raja was hated by his father while his stepmother Saraswathi took care of him like her own son. One day, Raja witnessed his father Perumal taking bribe from a woman. He stole the bribe from his father and put it in a temple donation box. To punish him, Perumal sent his innocent son to jail.

Raja (Parthiban) is now a rickshaw man and also a rowdy who cannot tolerate the injustice so he often goes to jail. Meanwhile, Maari (Jojan), a rich industrialist, and his henchman Kaasi (Majid) kidnap the children of rich businessmen and ransom them. A journalist is determined to stop this and hires Raja for protecting his daughter Meena (Rachana Banerjee) from Alex's henchmen. Soon, Raja clashes with Maari, Kaasi and his father Perumal.



Vaimaye Vellum
Soundtrack album by
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Producer Deva

The film score and the soundtrack were composed by Deva. The soundtrack, released in 1997, features 6 tracks with lyrics written by Vaali. [3]

1"Amma" P. Unni Krishnan 4:44
2"Bagalu Bagalu" Deva, Malgudi Subha 4:55
3"Bagalu Bagalu"Shahul Hameed, Malgudi Subha4:55
4"Dhinamthorum" Malaysia Vasudevan, Deva5:01
5"Kuiyil Pattu"Krishnaraj, K. S. Chithra 4:57
6"Maaman Parkiran" Mano, Swarnalatha 5:08


The film opened to positive reviews from critics. [4] Geocities wrote "The strength and the weakness of the movie is its story itself. Though the core story is very interesting, it is also unbeleivable sometimes. This could have been avoided by good screenplay and direction. But apparently director P.Vasu has spent most of his time in masala things." [5]

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