Valanjanganam falls

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Valanjanganam falls
വളഞ്ഞാങ്കാനം വെളളച്ചാട്ടം
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Location of Valanjanganam falls in Kerala
Location Kuttikkanam
Coordinates 9°34′42″N76°58′22″E / 9.578301°N 76.9729°E / 9.578301; 76.9729 Coordinates: 9°34′42″N76°58′22″E / 9.578301°N 76.9729°E / 9.578301; 76.9729
Type Waterfall
Number of drops1

Valanjanganam falls, locally known as Valanjanganam Vellachaattam is a scenic waterfall located in Kuttikkanam in Idukki district, Kerala state. It lies on the Kottayam-Kumily state highway, about 1 km from Murinjapuzha and 5 km from Kuttikkanam. Its a best place to relax in the misty climate after long drive. Tourists usually stop here for a tea and enjoy the falls. Its an ideal spot to stop and take a quick stretch and relax during tiring journeys. [1]

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Mundakayam, is a town in Kanjirappally Taluk in the Kottayam District of Kerala. It is the doorway to the high ranges of southern Kerala, and is at the border of Kottayam and Idukki districts. The next nearest town, Kanjirappally, is 14 km (8.7 mi) & Erumely is 12 km from Mundakayam. Mundakayam has rubber plantations, and greenery. The Manimala River runs through Mundakayam. It is located 48 km east of the district headquarters at Kottayam and 148 km from the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram. The name Mundakayam is said to be derived from the Mundi cranes that used to be seen along the Manimala River banks.

Koottickal is a town at the base of Western Ghats mountain ranges in the Kottayam district, Kerala. It is 2,000 feet (610 m) above sea level and is situated on the eastern border of Kottayam District, 55 km from Kottayam, and around 5 km away from Mundakayam on the NH 220. There are streams and waterfalls in the surrounding places. The Muthukora Hills are nearby. Urban centres in Kottayam and Ernakulam districts can be viewed from the top of Muthukora Hills.

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Kattappana is a municipal town in the Sahyadri of Kerala state, India. It is the main urban centre in the high ranges of Idukki district, situated about 2,788.71–2,952.76 feet (850.00–900.00 m) from sea level, Kattappana is a Tier-3 Semi-urban centre. It is the second municipality in Idukki District. It is a major commercial town and flourished with the boost in production of agriculture and spices.

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K. Chappathu is a village located in the Idukki district of Kerala, India. K. Chappathu is between Kuttikkanam and Kattappana, and contains both tea and coffee plantations. It is the place where agitation for Mullaperiyar new dam continues from 2006.

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Nariampara Puthiyakavu Devikshethram is a Hindu temple located in Nariampara near Kattappana in Idukki district of Kerala state, India. The temple is situated on the Kattappana - Kuttikkanam state highway, about 3 km from Kattappana.

Panchalimedu Hill station in Kerala, India

Panchalimedu is a hill station and view point near Kuttikkanam in Peerumedu tehsil of Idukki district in the Indian state of Kerala. On the Makar Sankranti day, many Ayyappa devotees camps there to witness the sacred Makaravilakku that appears in the Ponnambalamedu near Sabarimala temple.

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Anchuruli, also spelled Anjuruli, is an emerging tourist destination and a catchment area of Idukki arch dam in Kanchiyar village near Kattappana in the district of Idukki in Kerala state, India. It is highly noted for the 5.5 km (3.4 mi) long circular tunnel that carries water from Erattayar dam near Kattappana to Idukki reservoir.

Sri Parthasarathy Temple is a Hindu temple located in Mundakkayam town in Kanjirappally taluk of Kottayam district in the Indian state of Kerala. It is situated on the road to Kuttikkanam, about 52 km from Kottayam and 20 km from Kuttikkanam.

The Kottayam–Kumily Road, better known as K K Road is the State Highway connecting Kottayam and Idukki districts of Kerala state, India. It is designated as State Highway 13 by the Kerala Public Works Department. It shares its route with National Highway 183 (NH 183), and it is 107.9 kilometres (67.0 mi) long. It is the first rubberised road in Kerala.


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