Vao Island

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LocationPacific Ocean
Coordinates 15°53′49″S167°18′29″E / 15.896951°S 167.308031°E / -15.896951; 167.308031 Coordinates: 15°53′49″S167°18′29″E / 15.896951°S 167.308031°E / -15.896951; 167.308031
Area1.26 km2 (0.49 sq mi)
Length1.66 km (1.031 mi)
Width1.11 km (0.69 mi)
Coastline4.22 km (2.622 mi)
Province Malampa Province
Population898 (2009)
Pop. density753.9/km2 (1,952.6/sq mi)
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Time zone

Vao is an islet off the north-eastern coast of Malakula in Vanuatu. The 1999 census showed a population of 667, which increased in 2009 to 898. [1]

The Vao language is spoken on the island.

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