Vasse Highway

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Vasse Highway

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Vasse Highway in Pemberton
Vasse Highway
General information
Type Highway
Length151 km (94 mi)
Route number(s)
Major junctions
Northwest endAustralian state route 10.svg Bussell Highway (State Route 10), Busselton
  • Australian state route 10.svg Brockman Highway (State Route 10)
  • Australian state route 10.svg Pemberton–Northcliffe Road (State Route 10)
Southeast endAustralian national route 1.svg South Western Highway (National Route 1) near Manjimup
Major settlements Nannup, Pemberton
Highway system

Vasse Highway is a Western Australian highway connecting Busselton and the South Western Highway 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) south of Manjimup. [1] It is 151 kilometres (94 mi) long and travels through jarrah and karri hardwood forests for most of its length, with some small agricultural areas and wineries nearby, and forms the main street of the towns of Nannup (as Warren Road) and Pemberton (as Brockman Street).


From Busselton, it starts as State Route 104 from the Bussell Highway 3 km east of Busselton, near the Sir Stuart Bovell sporting complex, and travels the 56 km to Nannup, where it intersects with the Brockman Highway and becomes State Route 10. It then passes Donnelly River and Karri Valley Resort, and 22 km west of Pemberton turnoffs provide entrances to the Beedelup National Park. [2]

About 4 km before Pemberton, the highway ends at a T junction. A left turn continues unsigned as Vasse Highway into the town of Pemberton, then for another 19 km until ending at South Western Highway near Diamond Tree 15 km south of Manjimup. A right turn continues southwards as State Route 10 to Northcliffe, allowing access to the Warren National Park. Route 10 then heads east along Middleton Road, meeting with the South Western Highway near the Shannon mill.

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Greater Beedelup National Park Protected area in the South West region of Western Australia

Greater Beedelup National Park is a national park in Western Australia, 277 km south of Perth. It is situated on the Vasse Highway some 10 km west of Pemberton. The park is especially lush and damp due to an abundance of water.

Brockman National Park Protected area in Western Australia

Brockman National Park is a national park in the South West region of Western Australia, 288 kilometres (179 mi) south of Perth and 10 km (6.2 mi) south of Pemberton.

Highway 99, also known as the Fraser Delta Thruway south of Vancouver, and the Sea to Sky Highway, the Squamish Highway, or Whistler Highway north of Vancouver, is the major north–south artery running through the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia from the U.S. border, up Howe Sound through the Sea to Sky Country to Lillooet, and connecting to Highway 97 just north of Cache Creek. The highway's number was derived from the former U.S. Route 99, with which the highway originally connected to at the border. The highway currently connects with Interstate 5 at the American border.

<i>Eucalyptus diversicolor</i> Species of flowering plant

Eucalyptus diversicolor, commonly known as karri, is a species of flowering plant in the family Myrtaceae and is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia. It is a tall tree with smooth light grey to cream-coloured, often mottled bark, lance-shaped adult leaves and barrel-shaped fruit. Found in higher rainfall areas, karri is commercially important for its timber.

Busselton City in the South West region of Western Australia

Busselton is a city in the South West region of the state of Western Australia. As of the 2016 census, Busselton had a population of 25,329. Founded in 1832 by the Bussell family, Busselton is 220 km (140 mi) south-west of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Busselton was voted Western Australia's top tourist town in 1995, 1996, and 2005.

Muirs Highway

Muirs Highway is a Western Australian highway linking Manjimup and Mount Barker on the Albany Highway. It is signed as State Route 102 and is 161 kilometres (100 mi) long. It provides a shorter distance between Manjimup and Albany. It is a lonely highway surrounded with karri and jarrah forests with no settlements in between except the small farming settlement of Rocky Gully.

Pemberton, Western Australia Town in Western Australia

Pemberton is a town in the South West region of Western Australia, named after original settler Pemberton Walcott.

South Western Highway

South Western Highway is a highway in the South West region of Western Australia connecting Perth's southeast with Walpole. It is a part of the Highway 1 network for most of its length. It is about 406 kilometres (252 mi) long.

Brockman Highway is a highway in Western Australia. A few hours south of Perth, it runs west from Bridgetown via Nannup to Karridale.

Nannup, Western Australia Town in the South West region of Western Australia

Nannup is a town in the South West region of Western Australia, approximately 280 kilometres (174 mi) south of Perth on the Blackwood River at the crossroads of Vasse Highway and Brockman Highway; the highways link Nannup to most of the lower South West's regional centres. At the 2011 census, Nannup had a population of 587.

Bussell Highway

Bussell Highway is a generally north–south highway in the South West of Western Australia. The highway links the city of Bunbury with the town of Augusta and is approximately 140 kilometres (87 mi) in length. The highway is signed State Route 10, except in Busselton where the construction of the Busselton Bypass in 2000 resulted in this stretch being changed to Alternate State Route 10 with the Bypass signed State Route 10.

Donnelly River, Western Australia Town in Western Australia

Donnelly River Village is a former timber mill town and present-day holiday village in the Shire of Nannup, in the South West region of Western Australia. The Village is located at a point between Nannup, Bridgetown and Manjimup on the Donnelly River, a small, seasonal river at this point, which flows into the Southern Ocean at 34°29'02.4"S 115°40'27.8"E. The name also applies to a winery downstream on the Vasse Highway and the township's cottages are sometimes confused with cottages built on the lower reaches of the Donnelly River at 34.482273S 115.683438E.

Shire of Nannup Local government area in Western Australia

The Shire of Nannup is a local government area in the South West region of Western Australia, approximately 280 kilometres (174 mi) south of the state capital, Perth and 60 kilometres (37 mi) southeast of the coastal resort town of Busselton. Its seat of government is the town of Nannup, where about half of the Shire's population reside.

Warren (biogeographic region)

Warren, also known as Karri Forest Region and the Jarrah-Karri forest and shrublands ecoregion, is a biogeographic region in southern Western Australia. Located in the southwest corner of Western Australia between Cape Naturaliste and Albany, it is bordered to the north and east by the Jarrah Forest region. Its defining characteristic is an extensive tall forest of Eucalyptus diversicolor (karri). This occurs on dissected, hilly ground, with a moderately wet climate. Karri is a valuable timber and much of the karri forest has been logged over, but less than a third has been cleared for agriculture. Recognised as a region under the Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia (IBRA), and as a terrestrial ecoregion by the World Wide Fund for Nature, it was first defined by Ludwig Diels in 1906.

Vasse, Western Australia Suburb of Busselton, Western Australia

Vasse is a suburb of the city of Busselton in the South West region of Western Australia, 10 kilometres (6 mi) west of Busselton and 240 kilometres (149 mi) southwest of Perth. Its local government area is the City of Busselton. At the 2016 census, Vasse had a population of 2,479.

The Warren River is a river in the South West region of Western Australia with a catchment encompassing the towns of Manjimup and Pemberton. The river was named by Governor James Stirling, probably after Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren under whom Stirling served whilst in action in North America in 1813.

Highway 1 (Western Australia)

In Western Australia, Highway 1 is a 5,305-kilometre (3,296 mi) long route around the state, from the South Australian border near Eucla to the Northern Territory border near Kununurra. Highway 1 continues around the rest of Australia, joining all mainland state capitals, and connecting major centres in Tasmania. All roads within the Highway 1 system are allocated a road route numbered 1, M1, A1, or B1, depending on the state route numbering system. In Western Australia, most of the highway is designated as National Route 1; however, the sections in the north-east and south-east of the state that are concurrent with the National Highway routes linking Perth to Adelaide and Darwin are designated as National Highway 1.

Caves Road is a 111-kilometre-long (69 mi) scenic route in the South West region of Western Australia. It connects western Busselton with Augusta, running along or to the west of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste ridge, and is an alternative route to Bussell Highway. Caves Road is also a major component of the route from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin, in what is known as the state's Capes Region.

Tourist Drives in Western Australia are routes through areas of scenic or historic significance, designated by route markers with white numbers on a brown shield. Tourist Drives were introduced into Western Australia while Eric Charlton was the state government Minister for Transport in the 1990s. The 28 numbered routes collectively traverse more than 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) across the state. In addition to the Tourist Drives, there are unnumbered routes such as the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail, and local governments may designate and maintain local scenic drives, generally unnamed and unnumbered.

Northcliffe Branch railway

The Northcliffe Branch, also known as the Northcliffe Section or Picton to Northcliffe Line, is the railway route between Picton and Northcliffe in Western Australia.


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