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Victor Chernozhukov (Виктор Викторович Черножуков) is a Russian-American statistician and economist currently at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His current concerns are mathematical statistics and machine learning for causal structural models in high-dimensional environments. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a master's in statistics in 1997 and received his PhD in economics from Stanford University in 2000. [1]

He is a recipient of The Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship and Dissertation Fellowship, The Arnold Zellner Award, and The Bessel Award from the Humboldt Foundation. He delivered the invited Cowles (2009, inaugural), Fisher-Shultz (2019), Hannan (2016), and Sargan (2017) lectures at the Econometric Society Meetings. He served as the inaugural moderator of the new Economics section of ArXiv, which launched in 2017. [2] [3] He was elected fellow by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, the Econometric Society, and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

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