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Viktor Tietz

Viktor Tietz (13 April, 1859, Rumburg (Czech : Rumburk , northwest Bohemia, Austrian Monarchy 8 December, 1937, Karlsbad (Czech : Karlovy Vary ), Bohemia, Czechoslovakia) was an ethnic-German Austrian and Czechoslovak chess player, chess life organizer and local politician. [1]

He took 7th at Breslau 1889 (the 6th DSB Congress, Hauptturnier A won by Emanuel Lasker), and won ahead of Dawid Janowski and Moritz Porges at Carlsbad 1902 (Triangular). [2]

He invented the tie-break system now called the Tietz system. [3] His name is attached to the chess club in Karlovy Vary. [4] He was a main organizer of four famous international tournaments: the Carlsbad 1907, the Carlsbad 1911, the Carlsbad 1923, and the Carlsbad 1929. [5]

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