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Country Netherlands
Province North Holland
Municipality Edam-Volendam
 (November 2007)
Volendam (on the coast) and Edam (at the back) Volendam 20040902 2231.jpg
Volendam (on the coast) and Edam (at the back)

Volendam (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌvoːlənˈdɑm] ) is a village in North Holland in the Netherlands, in the municipality of Edam-Volendam. The town has about 22,000 inhabitants (November 2007) and is twinned with Coventry.


Volendam early 20th century. Het dorp Volendam. (1906).jpg
Volendam early 20th century.


Originally, Volendam was the location of the harbor of the nearby Edam, which was situated at the mouth of the IJ bay. In 1357, the inhabitants of Edam dug a shorter canal to the Zuiderzee with its own separate harbor. This removed the need for the original harbor, which was then dammed and used for land reclamation. Farmers and local fishermen settled there, forming the new community of Vollendam, which literally meant something like 'Filled dam'. In the early part of the 20th century it became something of an artists' retreat, with both Picasso and Renoir spending time here. The majority of the population belongs to the Roman Catholic Church, which is deeply connected to the village culture. Historically, many missionaries and bishops grew up in Volendam. Today there is the chapel of Our Lady of the Water, which is located in a village park.

Café fire

In the New Year's night of 2000 to 2001, the lighting of a bundle of sparklers caused a short but intense fire at a party in café De Hemel. The sparklers ignited the dry Christmas decorations on the ceiling, which fell down in their entirety. 14 people died and 200 people were seriously injured.

Little girls of Volendam in traditional costumes, 1906. Oolijke Volendamsche deerntjes.jpg
Little girls of Volendam in traditional costumes, 1906.
Dutch traditional costumes displayed at a folklife festival. The Volendam costumes are the first two on the left. Costumes-Maroesjka-Heeze-1989.jpg
Dutch traditional costumes displayed at a folklife festival. The Volendam costumes are the first two on the left.


Many tourists visit Volendam on tour boats Volendam Tourism (restaurant).jpg
Many tourists visit Volendam on tour boats
Volendam Volendam - street view in 2001.jpg
Marina in Volendam April 2017 Volendam marina.jpg
Marina in Volendam April 2017

Volendam is a popular tourist attraction in the Netherlands, well known for its old fishing boats and the traditional clothing still worn by some residents. The women's costume of Volendam, with its high, pointed bonnet, is one of the most recognizable of the Dutch traditional costumes, and is often featured on tourist postcards and posters (although there are believed to be fewer than 50 women now wearing the costume as part of their daily lives, most of them elderly). There is a regular ferry connection to Marken, a peninsula close by. Volendam also features a small museum about its history and clothing style, and visitors can have their pictures taken in traditional Dutch costumes.

A residential area in Volendam Residential Area Volendam (2015).jpg
A residential area in Volendam


Volendam was a shooting location in Vikas Bahl's 2014 Bollywood film, Queen . The actors established an Indian food shop called Rani's Gol Gappa. The owner was an Italian, Marco Canadea, as Marcello. Working with Marco was Mish Boyko as Oleksander (Sikander), Jeffrey Ho as Taka, and Joseph Guitobh as Tim. The role of Queen was played by Indian actress Kangana Ranaut.


FC Volendam is a football (soccer in the US) club based in Volendam, which has regularly played in the Dutch Eredivisie (though they are currently in the Eerste Divisie).


Volendam is also well known for its distinctive music, which is called Palingsound (literally "eel sound") in reference to Volendam's status as fishing village. During the 1960s, the local group The Cats was a very popular group in the Netherlands and abroad.

Another band from Volendam was BZN, which became popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In 1995 BZN performed a duet with the ten-year-old Jan Smit, who quickly became a celebrity in his own right.

The harbor of Volendam Nederland volendam.JPG
The harbor of Volendam
A street in Volendam Volendam, straatzicht2 2010-06-05 17.42.JPG
A street in Volendam

The popular music groups 3JS and Nick & Simon are famously from Volendam, whose members have all participated in local musical performances through the years.

Painters of Volendam

Born in Volendam

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Arnold Johannes Hyacinthus Mühren is a Dutch football manager and former midfielder. His older brother Gerrie, also a midfield player, won three European Cup titles with Ajax in the early 1970s. Mühren is among the few players to have won all three major UEFA-organised club competitions, the European Cup (1972–73), the Cup Winners' Cup (1986–87) and the UEFA Cup (1980–81). The last of these was won with Ipswich Town, while the other titles were won while playing for Ajax. He is also one of the two Dutch players, together with Danny Blind, to have won all UEFA club competitions and the Intercontinental Cup.

FC Volendam

Football Club Volendam is a professional football club based in Volendam, Netherlands, that competes in the Eerste Divisie, the second tier of Dutch football. Nicknamed "de Palingboeren", the club was founded as Victoria in 1920, changed its name to RKSV Volendam in 1923 and emerged as an exclusively professional club, FC Volendam, in 1977, following a split from its parent club. The team plays its home matches in the 6,984-capacity Kras Stadion, where it has been based since 1975.

BZN Dutch pop music group

BZN was a successful Dutch pop group that had a string of hits from 1966 to 2007 on. Combining high productivity and a disciplined work ethic with an exceptionally good feeling for what their audience liked, the band achieved a thirty-year music chart presence in the Netherlands, to an extent comparable to that of Cliff Richard in the United Kingdom, and rewarded by likely record-breaking numbers of platinum certifications for their albums.

Jan Smit (singer)

Jan Smit is a Dutch singer, television host, actor and football director. Smit mostly sings Dutch songs in a genre known as Volendam music. In addition to his solo career, in 2015 Smit joined the schlager trio KLUBBB3, and in 2017 The Toppers. As a TV presenter, he has worked on programs like the best singers in the Netherlands and Music Festival on the square. Since 1999, Smit has been serving as an ambassador for the SOS Children's Villages, and is member of the board for the football club FC Volendam.

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Volendam New Years fire

The Volendam New Year's fire was a café fire in the Dutch town of Volendam in the 2000–2001 New Year's night. The fire began early on New Year's Day 2001 and caused the death of 14 young people. There were in all 241 people admitted to hospital, 200 of whom suffered serious burns.

Robert Mühren

Robert Mühren is a Dutch professional footballer who currently plays for Dutch club SC Cambuur, on loan from Zulte Waregem, in the Eerste Divisie.

Piet Veerman

Piet Veerman is a Dutch pop musician. From 1964 to 1985 he was a guitarist and singer for The Cats, and since 1968 the lead singer for all the singles of this band. He released a first solo album in 1975 but started his solo career definitely in 1987 after The Cats broke up for the last time. During his career, Veerman received more than thirty gold records.


Palingsound is the unique musical sound attributed to a subgenre of Dutch pop music called palingpop. It is sometimes used to refer to the palingpop genre as a whole.


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