Volga in Flames

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Volga in Flames
Volga in Flames.png
Directed by Viktor Tourjansky
Written by
Based on The Captain's Daughter
by Alexander Pushkin
Produced by Charles Philipp
Edited by Antonín Zelenka
Music by Willy Schmidt-Gentner
  • AB
  • Films Charles Philipp
  • Omnia Paris
Distributed byAstra Paris Films
Release date
9 February 1934
Running time
86 minutes
  • France
  • Czechoslovakia

Volga in Flames (French: Volga en flammes) is a 1934 historical adventure film directed by Viktor Tourjansky and starring Albert Prejean, Valéry Inkijinoff and Danielle Darrieux. [1] It was made as a co-production between France and Czechoslovakia and is an adaptation of the 1836 novel The Captain's Daughter by Alexander Pushkin, set during the Cossack Rebellion against Catherine the Great.


The film's sets were designed by the art director Andrej Andrejew and Stepán Kopecký. It was shot at the Barrandov Studios in Prague.


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