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Volodarka (Ukrainian : Володарка) is an urban-type settlement located on the Ros River in Kyiv Oblast (region) of Ukraine. It is the administrative center of Volodarka Raion. Population: 5,894(2020 est.) [1] . In 2001, population was 7,639.

Battle of Wołodarka took place nearby in May, 1920.

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Adamyvka is a village in Ukraine. Its location in Baranovskiy district, Zhytomyr Oblast. The code KOATUUI: 1820655401. Its population is 15 people as 2001. Its postal index is 12724. Its calling code is 4144.


Hoholiv is a former Cossack town, and present day village, in Brovary Raion, Kyiv oblast of Ukraine.

Illintsi Raion Raion in Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine

Illintsi Raion is one of the 27 regions of Vinnytsia Oblast, located in southwestern Ukraine. The administrative center of the raion is the town of Illintsi. Population: 36,249 (2020 est.)


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