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Wallace Lupino
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Born(1898-01-23)23 January 1898
Edinburgh, Scotland
Died11 October 1961(1961-10-11) (aged 63)
Ashford, Kent, England
Years active1918–1945
Children Richard Lupino [1]
Relatives Lupino Lane (brother)
Stanley Lupino (brother)
Ida Lupino (niece)

Wallace Lupino (23 January 1898 11 October 1961) was a British-born stage and film actor who was a member of the Lupino family. [2] [3] [4] He appeared in 63 films between 1918 and 1945, most often with his older brother, Lupino Lane. [5] He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and died in Ashford, Kent, England. [3]


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