Waterford railway station

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Waterford Plunkett

Phort Láirge Phluincéid
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Waterford Plunkett railway station
LocationTerminus Street, Waterford, County Waterford, X91 A2PV,
Coordinates 52°15′58″N7°07′01″W / 52.266°N 7.117°W / 52.266; -7.117 Coordinates: 52°15′58″N7°07′01″W / 52.266°N 7.117°W / 52.266; -7.117
Owned by Iarnród Éireann
Operated by Iarnród Éireann
Structure typeAt-grade
Other information
Station codeWFORD
Fare zoneN
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Limerick Colbert
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to Foynes
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Limerick Junction
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Fiddown and Portlaw
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Mallow–Waterford line
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Waterford West goods yard
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Waterford Plunkett
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to Felthouse Junct. on Dublin–Rosslare Line
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Rosslare Strand
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Rosslare Europort

Waterford railway station (Plunkett Station, Irish : Phort Láirge Stáisiún Phluincéid) serves the city of Waterford in County Waterford, Ireland. The station is located across Rice Bridge on the north side of the city.


There are two bays at the west end of the station. These are platform 5 and 6 respectively. The main platform is quite long and due to a crossover it can be operated as two platforms if necessary. The eastern end is platform 3, the western end being platform 4. A large signal cabin is situated across the running lines. The station area is still currently[ when? ] controlled by semaphore signals.


The station is a significant interchange. It is the terminus for InterCity services from Dublin Heuston and InterCity services from Limerick Junction. Travel to Limerick Junction provides onward connections to Cork, Killarney, Tralee, Limerick, Ennis, Athenry and Galway.

There are seven daily trains in each direction between Waterford - Dublin Mondays to Saturdays inclusive. One extra Dublin to Waterford train runs Friday only and one extra Waterford to Dublin train runs Friday and Saturday only. On Sundays there are four trains each way. The fastest of these trains being the 07.10 Waterford - Dublin which completes the journey in exactly 1 hour and 48 minutes. [1]

There are two trains each way between Waterford - Limerick Junction Mondays to Saturdays inclusive. There is no Sunday service on this line. [2] Until 19 January 2013 (inclusive) there were three trains each way. However, the late-morning Waterford to Limerick Junction and early-afternoon Limerick Junction to Waterford trains are now discontinued. [3]

Preceding station  Iarnrod Eireann simple logo 2013.png Iarnród Éireann  Following station
Thomastown   InterCity
Carrick-on-Suir   InterCity
Limerick Junction-Waterford
Disused railways
Carrick on Suir   InterCity
Grange  Great Southern and Western Railway
Limerick-Rosslare railway line

Rail replacement bus to Rosslare Europort

Until 18 September 2010 (inclusive), there was one daily return train between Waterford and Rosslare, after which time passenger trains on the line were suspended. The rail service was replaced by a revised Bus Éireann Route 370 service from Monday 20 September 2010. However, the replacement bus service does not serve the railway station, the nearest stop being the bus station a walk of several minutes. [4]


The station has a booking office, ticket vending machines, shop, waiting areas, toilets and a car park. [5]


The station is directly rail connected to Waterford Port (Belview). A freight yard is located at the Dublin/Limerick end of the station, served by freight traffics such as cement and timber which travel to and from Dublin Port and Ballina. [6]


The station opened on 26 August 1864 as Waterford North. [7] It was renamed Plunkett on 10 April 1966 in commemoration of Joseph Plunkett, one of the executed leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916.

Future Development

As part of the Waterford North Quay SDZ Scheme the present station will be closed and a new station opened on the North Quays. The new station will be part of a "Transport Hub" with bus station and other transport infrastructure. A new sustainable transport bridge (bus, cycle and pedestrian bridge) will link the transport hub to the other side of river/Waterford city centre. [8]


YearDaily Passenger Exit and EntryChange [9]
2013482Decrease2.svg 455
2014990Increase2.svg 508
2015868Decrease2.svg 122
2016867Decrease2.svg 1 [10]

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This article deals with transport in Waterford city in Ireland. The city is connected by road, rail, bus, air and sea. There are currently proposals for a bus rapid transit (BRT) system, consisting of bus trams, or streetcars, to be used in future.


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