Watson Elementary School

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Watson Elementary School can refer to the following schools:

Little Rock, Arkansas Capital of Arkansas

Little Rock is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Arkansas. As the county seat of Pulaski County, the city was incorporated on November 7, 1831, on the south bank of the Arkansas River close to the state's geographic center. The city derives its name from a rock formation along the river, named the "Little Rock" by the French explorer Jean-Baptiste Bénard de la Harpe in the 1720s. The capital of the Arkansas Territory was moved to Little Rock from Arkansas Post in 1821. The city's population was 198,541 in 2016 according to the United States Census Bureau. The six-county Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway, AR Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is ranked 78th in terms of population in the United States with 738,344 residents according to the 2017 estimate by the United States Census Bureau.

Chilliwack City in British Columbia, Canada

Chilliwack is the 7th largest agglomeration in British Columbia, Canada. Historically an agricultural community, most of its 83,788 residents are now city-dwellers. Chilliwack is the seat of the Fraser Valley Regional District and its second largest city. This city is surrounded by mountains and recreational areas such as Cultus Lake and Chilliwack Lake Provincial Parks. It is located 102 kilometres southeast of Vancouver. There are many outdoor activities in the area, including hiking, horseback riding, archery, biking, camping, fishing, and golf.

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Sherlock Holmes fictional private detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional private detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Referring to himself as a "consulting detective" in the stories, Holmes is known for his proficiency with observation, forensic science, and logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic, which he employs when investigating cases for a wide variety of clients, including Scotland Yard.

Elementary may refer to:

Maisons-Laffitte Commune in Île-de-France, France

Maisons-Laffitte is a commune in the Yvelines department in the Île-de-France region in north-central France. It is located in the north-western suburbs of Paris 18.2 km (11.3 mi) from the center.

The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District is located in the northwest corner of Tarrant County, Texas and includes 73 square miles (190 km2) of land in Saginaw, Eagle Mountain, Blue Mound and several housing additions in the City of Fort Worth, near Eagle Mountain Lake. Serving more than 18,000 students, the district consists of 15 elementary schools, five middle schools, three high schools, an alternative discipline center, Hollenstein Career and Technology Center, and the Weldon Hafley Development Center.

The Calcasieu Parish School Board (CPSB) is a school district based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States. The CPSB operates all public schools in Calcasieu Parish, including the city of Lake Charles.

Watson Chapel School District (WCSD) is a public school district serving the communities of Pine Bluff and Sulphur Springs within Jefferson County, Arkansas, United States. Headquartered in Pine Bluff, Watson Chapel School District employs over 300 faculty and staff to provide educational programs for students ranging from kindergarten through twelfth grade and enrolls more than 3,400 students. In 2007, the ACLU sued the school district because the dress code allegedly denied students their first amendment rights.

<i>The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963</i> book by Christopher Paul Curtis

The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963 (1995) is a historical-fiction novel by Christopher Paul Curtis. First published in 1995, it was reprinted in 1997. It tells the story of a loving African-American family living in the town of Flint, Michigan, in 1963. When the oldest son (Byron) begins to get into a bit of trouble, the parents decide he should spend the summer and possibly the next school year with Grandma Sands in Birmingham, Alabama. The entire family travels there together by car, and during their visit, tragic events take place.

Gary Community School Corporation serves most students who reside in Gary, Indiana, United States.

Livingston Parish Public Schools (LPPS) is a school district headquartered in Livingston, Louisiana, United States with 42 schools, with approximately 25,500 students enrolled for the 2012 - 2013 school year.. The district's superintendent Bill Spear retired in early 2013. John Watson was named his successor, but recently retired in 2016. Homer "Rick" Wentzel is now superintendent. There are nine districts in the school system. The Livingston Parish School system has been recognized for excelling in education in Louisiana.

Watson, Louisiana Census-designated place & Unincorporated community in Louisiana, United States

Watson is a census-designated place and unincorporated community in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, United States. The town is in the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Widefield School District 3 is the school district of Security-Widefield, Colorado, United States.

School District of Palm Beach County School district in Florida, US

The School District of Palm Beach County (SDPBC) is the tenth-largest public school district in the United States, and the fifth-largest school district in Florida. The district encompasses all of Palm Beach County. For the beginning of the 2017–2018 academic year, enrollment totaled 193,000 students in Pre-K through 12th grades. The district operates a total of 180 schools: 109 elementary, 34 middle, 23 high, 14 alternative, adult and community, intermediate, and Exceptional Student Education (ESE). It has 27,168 employees and 45,000 volunteers.

George Washington High School is a public high school in Somerton, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, near Bustleton. The school serves Northeast Philadelphia, including Somerton, Bustleton, and Fox Chase. Named after the first president of the United States, George Washington, it is located on Bustleton Ave. Washington had an enrollment of 1,875 in 2012.

Howard Kennedy Elementary School is located at 2906 North 30th Street in North Omaha, Nebraska, United States. Almost since its inception Kennedy was regarded as one of Omaha's "black schools," almost exclusively African American. Football great Gale Sayers attended the school.

Volusia County Schools

Volusia County Schools is the public school district for Volusia County, Florida. The district serves the 16 cities of Daytona Beach, DeBary, DeLand, DeLeon Springs, Deltona, Edgewater, Enterprise, Holly Hill, Lake Helen, New Smyrna Beach, Oak Hill, Orange City, Ormond Beach, Osteen, Pierson, and Port Orange. The district is the 57th largest school district in the United States and serves 63,000 students. The district is composed of 45 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, and 9 high schools. In addition there are 9 alternative schools, 7 charter schools, and 2 combination schools.

Fall River Public Schools (FRPS) is a school district headquartered in Fall River, Massachusetts.

<i>Elementary</i> (TV series) American television drama

Elementary is an American procedural drama series that presents a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes. It was created by Robert Doherty and stars Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson. The series premiered on CBS on September 27, 2012. It is set and filmed primarily in New York City. With 24 episodes per season, by the end of season two Jonny Lee Miller became the actor who had portrayed Sherlock Holmes the most in television and/or film.

Arthur Dixon Elementary School

Arthur Dixon Elementary is a public elementary school located in the Chatham neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. It is part of the Chicago Public Schools system. The school is named for Chicago alderman and businessman, Arthur Dixon. Dixon opened in 1929.