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Albert County Court House (completed in 1904) was one of Reid's later designs AlbertCountyCourthouse 2011.jpg
Albert County Court House (completed in 1904) was one of Reid's later designs

Watson Elkinah Reid (1858–1944) was a Canadian architect, a one time member of the California architectural firm, Reid & Reid.

Reid & Reid

Reid & Reid was the architectural and engineering firm of brothers, James W. Reid (1851-1943), Merritt J. Reid (1855-1932), and Watson Elkinah Reid (1858-1944) that began in Evansville, Indiana in 1879.

Youngest of three sons who all followed the same profession, he was born in Harvey, Albert County, New Brunswick to William J. Reid and Lucinda Robinson. He studied at Mount Allison University and about 1888, he joined his brothers James W. and Merritt in California, where he ran their San Diego office, overseeing construction of the massive Hotel del Coronado to his brother's designs. He returned to Canada in 1899 and had a few commissions there under the auspices of Senator Abner Reid McClelan. These included the Riverside-Albert Consolidated School and the Albert County Court House. In his later years he moved to Vancouver where he died.

Harvey is a Canadian rural community in Albert County, New Brunswick. Harvey has a wharf, and is situated on Shepody Bay, an arm of the Bay of Fundy. It has a population of about 150, and is about 50 minutes from Moncton. The village of Riverside-Albert is nearby.

Mount Allison University university in New Brunswick, Canada

Mount Allison University is a Canadian primarily undergraduate liberal arts college located in Sackville, New Brunswick. It has been ranked the top undergraduate university in the country 20 times in the past 28 years by Maclean's magazine, a record unmatched by any other university. With a 17:1 student-to-faculty ratio, the average first-year class size is 60 and upper-year classes average 14 students.

James W. Reid (architect) American architect

James William Reid (1851–1943) was a Canadian-born American architect of the noted San Francisco firm of Reid & Reid.

In 1890, he married Janie R. Turner of Harvey. [1] They had five children, all born before 1901. [2]

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