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Laura Watson House

The Laura Watson House was a historic house in Gainesville, Sumter County, Alabama. The one-story, wood frame, spraddle roof house was built for Laura Watson and her son, Booker, circa 1900. It was significant as a surviving example of what was once a typical type of dwelling for small African American freeholders in Alabama. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on October 3, 1985.

William Henry Watson Homestead

The William Henry Watson Homestead was a historic house on White County Route 68 in Denmark, Arkansas. It was a single story wood frame dogtrot house, with a side gable roof, weatherboard siding, and a foundation of stone piers. Originally built with a single pen about 1890, it was extended at some period.

Watson House (Hamburg, Arkansas)

The Watson House is a historic house at 300 N. Cherry Street in Hamburg, Arkansas. The two story Colonial Revival brick house was built in 1918, and features verandas on its street-facing elevations. The verandas are supported by large Ionic columns that rise two full stories to support the roof, with the second floor veranda supported by cables suspended from above. The large-proportioned house is one of the most prominent buildings in Hamburg. It was designed and built by W. C. Bunn for David Watson, owner of a successful local hardware store.

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