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Wattis is a surname that may refer to:


Edmund Orson Wattis Jr. American businessman

Edmund Orson Wattis, Junior, was oldest of the brothers who founded Wattis Brothers and the Utah Construction Company.

Edmund Wattis Littlefield (1914–2001) was a prominent California businessman, philanthropist, and member of the Bohemian Club.

Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts art center in San Francisco, California

The Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts is a contemporary art center in San Francisco, California, US, and part of the California College of the Arts. The Wattis Institute was established in 1998 to serve as a forum for the presentation and discussion of international contemporary art and curatorial practise and a premiere venue for contemporary art exhibitions worldwide. Through exhibitions, lectures, symposia, and publications, along with its residency program, Wattis has become one of the leading art institutions in the US, and provides an active site for contemporary culture in the San Francisco Bay Area. The local impact is equally important and the Wattis Institute is central to the vitality of the Bay Area art scene. Local residents and visitors come to the Wattis Institute to see the best work of emerging artists, as well as new work by established artists, and can attend any program free of charge.

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Utah Construction Company

The Utah Construction Company was a construction company founded by Edmund Orson Wattis Jr., Warren L. Wattis and William. H. Wattis in 1900.

Richard Wattis actor

Richard Cameron Wattis was an English actor.

Wattis Brothers Wikimedia disambiguation page

The Wattis Brothers was a 19th-century railway contracting firm operated by three brothers Edmund Orson Wattis Jr. (1855–1934), Warren L. Wattis, and William Henry Wattis (1859–1931). It was founded in the early 1880s by William and Edmund to build railways for the Western expansion of the United States.

William Henry Wattis, also known as W. H. Wattis, was one of the three Wattis Brothers who founded Utah Construction Company in 1900.

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Littlefield is a surname. Notable people bearing it include: