Wattle Grove

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Wattle Grove may be:

Wattle Grove, New South Wales Suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Wattle Grove is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Wattle Grove is located 30 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district in the local government area of the City of Liverpool.

Wattle Grove, Queensland Suburb of South Burnett Region, Queensland, Australia

Wattle Grove is a locality in the South Burnett Region, Queensland, Australia.

Wattle Grove, Western Australia Suburb of Perth, Western Australia

Wattle Grove is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located within the City of Kalamunda.

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Girraween National Park Protected area in Queensland, Australia

Girraween National Park is an area of the Granite Belt in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia reserved as a national park. Girraween is known for its spectacular flowers, dramatic landscapes and unique wildlife. Bushwalking and rock climbing are the most popular activities in the park.

<i>Acacia pycnantha</i> The golden wattle, a tree of the family Fabaceae native to southeastern Australia!

Acacia pycnantha, most commonly known as the golden wattle, is a tree of the family Fabaceae native to southeastern Australia. It grows to a height of 8 m (26 ft) and has phyllodes instead of true leaves. Sickle-shaped, these are between 9 and 15 cm long, and 1–3.5 cm wide. The profuse fragrant, golden flowers appear in late winter and spring, followed by long seed pods. Plants are cross-pollinated by several species of honeyeater and thornbill, which visit nectaries on the phyllodes and brush against flowers, transferring pollen between them. An understorey plant in eucalyptus forest, it is found from southern New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, through Victoria and into southeastern South Australia.

Australian brushturkey species of bird

The Australian brushturkey or Australian brush-turkey or gweela, also frequently called the scrub turkey or bush turkey, is a common, widespread species of mound-building bird from the family Megapodiidae found in eastern Australia from Far North Queensland to Eurobodalla on the south coast of New South Wales. The Australian brushturkey has also been introduced to Kangaroo Island in South Australia. It is the largest extant representative of the family Megapodiidae, and is one of three species to inhabit Australia.

<i>Acacia harpophylla</i> species of plant

Acacia harpophylla, commonly known as brigalow, brigalow spearwood or orkor is an endemic tree of Australia. It is found in central and coastal Queensland to northern New South Wales. It can reach up to 25 metres tall and forms extensive open-forest communities on clay soils.

The following lists events that happened during 1888 in Australia.

Ellen Grove, Queensland Suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Ellen Grove is an outer suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and is located 20 kilometres (12 mi) south-west of the Brisbane central business district. At the 2016 Australian Census the population was recorded as 2,906.

<i>Acacia decurrens</i> species of plant

Acacia decurrens, commonly known as black wattle or early green wattle, is a perennial tree or shrub native to eastern New South Wales, including Sydney, the Greater Blue Mountains Area, the Hunter Region, and south west to the Australian Capital Territory. It grows to a height of 2–15 m (7–50 ft) and it flowers from July to September.

<i>Acacia cambagei</i> species of plant

Acacia cambagei, commonly known as gidgee, stinking wattle or stinking gidgee, is an endemic tree of Australia. It is found primarily in semiarid and arid Queensland, but extends into the Northern Territory, South Australia and north-western New South Wales. It can reach up to 12 m in height and can form extensive open woodland communities. The leaves, bark, and litter of A. cambagei produce a characteristic odour, vaguely reminiscent of boiled cabbage, that accounts for the common name of "stinking gidgee".

<i>Callicoma</i> genus of plants

Callicoma, is a plant genus that contains just one species, Callicoma serratifolia, a tall shrub or small tree which is native to Australia. Callicoma serratifolia is commonly known as black wattle. One explanation for the name is the similarity of the flowers to those of Australian Acacia, which are commonly known as wattles. Another is its use in wattle and daub huts of the early settlers. The species has a number of other common names include callicoma, butterwood, silver leaf, silver-leaf butterwood and wild quince.

Wattle Day

Wattle Day is a day of celebration in Australia on the first day of September each year, which is the official start of the Australian spring. This is the time when many Acacia species, are in flower. So, people wear a sprig of the flowers and leaves to celebrate the day.

Tingoora Town in Queensland, Australia

Tingoora is a town and a locality in the South Burnett Region, Queensland, Australia.

Beardy River river in New South Wales, Australia

Beardy River, a perennial river that is part of the Murray–Darling basin, is located in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia.

<i>Acacia spectabilis</i> species of plant

Acacia spectabilis, commonly known as Mudgee wattle, is an erect or spreading shrub, endemic to Australia. Alternative common names include glory wattle, Pilliga wattle and golden wattle

<i>Acacia decora</i> species of plant

Acacia decora is a plant native to eastern Australia. Common names include the western silver wattle and the showy wattle. The species name refers to the plant's decorative qualities.

Lesmurdie Senior High School is a public high school in Lesmurdie, Western Australia.

Wattle Camp Suburb of South Burnett Region, Queensland, Australia

Wattle Camp is a locality in the South Burnett Region, Queensland, Australia.