Watumull Prize

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The Watumull Prize (1945–82) was established in 1944 to recognize "the best book on the history of India originally published in the United States". [1]


1982 Tapan Raychaudhuri and Irfan Habib, eds.,The Cambridge Economic History of India, Volume 1: c. 1200–c. 1750 Cambridge University Press
1980 Joseph E. Schwartzberg A Historical Atlas of South Asia University of Chicago Press
1978 John R. McLane Indian Nationalism and the Early Congress Princeton University Press
1976 Michael Pearson Merchants and Rulers in Gujarat: The Response of the Portuguese in the Sixteenth Century University of California Press
1974 Leonard A. Gordon Bengal: The Nationalist Movement, 1876–1940 Columbia University Press
1972 Elizabeth Whitcombe Agrarian Conditions in Northern India, vol. 1: The United Provinces Under British Rule, 1860–1900 University of California Press
1970 Stephen N. Hay Asian Ideas of East and West: Tagore and His Critics in Japan, China, and India Harvard University Press
David Kopf British Orientalism and the Bengal Renaissance: The Dynamics of Indian Modernization, 1773–1835 University of California Press
Eugene F. Irschick Politics and Social Conflict in South India: The Non-Brahman Movement and Tamil Separatism, 1916–1929 University of California Press
1968 John Broomfield Elite Conflict in a Plural Society: Twentieth Century Bengal University of California Press
Myron Weiner Party Building in a New Nation University of Chicago Press
1966 B. R. Nayar Minority Politics in the Punjab Princeton University Press
Thomas R. Metcalf The Aftermath of Revolt: India, 1857–1970 Princeton University Press
1964 Charles A. Drekmeier Kingship and Community in Early India Stanford University Press
Charles H. Heimsmith Indian Nationalism and Hindu Social Reform Princeton University Press
1962 George D. Bearce British Attitudes Toward India, 1784–1858 Oxford University Press
Stanley A. Wolpert Tilak and Gokhale: Revolution and Reform in the Making of Modern India University of California Press
1960 Michael Brecher Nehru: A Political Biography Oxford University Press
1958 William de Bary, ed.,Sources of the Indian Tradition Columbia University Press
1954 D. Mackenzie Brown The White Umbrella: Indian Political Thought from Manu to Gandhi University of California Press
W. Norman Brown The United States and India and Pakistan Harvard University Press
1951 T. Walter Wallbank India in the New Era Scott Foresman
Louis Fischer The Life of Mahatma Gandhi Harper
Gertrude Emerson Sen The Pageant of Indian History, vol. I Longman
1945 Ernest J. H. Mackay Chanhu-Daro Excavations, 1935–36 American Oriental Society


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