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Waverly Historic District or Waverley Historic District may refer to:

Waverley Historic District (Enid, Oklahoma)

The Waverley Historic District is located in Enid, Oklahoma, and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) since 2006. It consists of four Waverley additions. The William and Luther Braden farm was the first parcel of land to be platted by the Waverley Development Company in May 1902. Subsequent additions were platted in 1905, 1906, and 1907. The District has 275 buildings built between 1895 and 1935. Architectural styles in the district include Queen Anne cottages, Folk Victorian houses, Colonial Revival houses, Craftsman Bungalow and Prairie School Foursquare Houses. There are also a few Tudor Revival, Neoclassical, Italian Renaissance, and Spanish Eclectic homes.

Waverly Historic District (Waverly Township, Pennsylvania)

Waverly Historic District is a national historic district roughly centered on Academy St. and Abington Rd., inc. Carbondale Rd., Beech, Cole, Church and Dearborn St. in Waverly Township, Pennsylvania. Historic functions of the district include domestic buildings, at least one religious structure, commerce and trade, education and recreation and culture. The district was built around 1928, and is significant for its architecture. Styles include Late Victorian, Late 19th And Early 20th Century American Movements. Architects include George M.D. Lewis and Ephraim Ross.

Waverly Historic District (Columbia, South Carolina)

Waverly Historic District is a national historic district located at Columbia, South Carolina. The district encompasses 132 contributing buildings in the first suburban development at Columbia. They were built between about 1898 and 1925, and the district includes examples of Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Neoclassical, shotgun, American Foursquare, and Craftsman/Bungalow style architecture. The community has evolved from a predominantly white neighborhood into a community of African-American artisans, professionals and social reformers.

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Waverley (West Point, Mississippi) mansion in Clay County, Mississippi

Waverley is a mansion, formerly a plantation house and now a historic house museum, in Clay County, Mississippi, ten miles east of West Point. Built in the 1840s, it is architecturally unique among Mississippi's antebellum mansions for its enormous octagonal cupola. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1973.

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Waverly (Marriottsville, Maryland) historic home located at Marriottsville in Howard County, Maryland, USA

Waverly, or Waverley, is a historic home located at Marriottsville in Howard County, Maryland, USA. It was built between 1756 and 1800 by different accounts. It is a ​2 12-story stone house, covered with stucco, with extensions completed about 1900. Also on the property are a small ​1 12-story stone dwelling, a supposed combination storehouse and slave jail, a 2-story frame-and-stone corn crib, and the ruins of a log slave quarter. A newspaper account claimed as many as 999 slaves worked on the plantation at one time. It was a property developed on land first patented by Charles Carroll of Carrollton and later part of the 1703 survey "Ranter's Ridge" owned by Thomas Browne. The land was resurveyed in 1726 as "The Mistake". Nathan Browne inherited half of the land in 1756. It was purchased by John Dorsey and willed to Nathan and Sophia Dorsey as the next owners by 1760.

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Civic Center or Civic Centre names a prominent land area within a community that is constructed to be its focal point or center.

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Jacques André Fouilhoux (1879–1945) was an engineer and architect from Paris, France who partnered with architects in Salem, Oregon and New York City. He was in the United States ca. 1904.

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Benton & Benton was an architectural partnership in eastern North Carolina of brothers Charles C. Benton Sr. and Frank W. Benton. Several of its works are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Charles C. Benton Jr. and others also worked for the firm.

James J. Gaffney American architect

James J. Gaffney, most often known as J. J. Gaffney, was an American architect in Louisville, Kentucky.