Waves of Sound

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Waves of Sound
Waves of Sound yahel.jpg
Studio album by Yahel Sherman
Released 2000
Genre Trance
Yahel Sherman chronology
For The People
(2000) For The People2000
Waves of Sound
Sound & Melody EP
(2001) Sound & Melody EP2001

Waves of Sound is a 2000 album by Israeli DJ Yahel Sherman.

Track listing

  1. "Going Up" (Trance Mix)
  2. "Waves Of Sound" (Yahel & Erez Aizen)
  3. "The Only Way"
  4. "Sun Scream"
  5. "Deep Feelings"
  6. "D.N.A."
  7. "Strange Emotion"
  8. "Last man in the Universe"
  9. "Intelligent Life"
  10. "For The People" (Radio Edit)