Wax (UK band)

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Also known asWorld in Action
Common Knowledge
Origin Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Genres New wave, pop rock
Years active1983–1990, 1997-2000
Labels RCA Records, Cherry Red
Associated acts 10cc
Past members Andrew Gold
Graham Gouldman

Wax were a 1980s musical duo formed in Manchester, England, consisting of American singer-songwriter Andrew Gold and 10cc guitarist/bassist Graham Gouldman. In the US, they were listed as Wax UK, while later releases were additionally credited as Andrew Gold & Graham Gouldman.




In 1981, 10cc was working on what would become the album Ten Out of 10 . Andrew Gold was invited to record with the band by Lenny Waronker, head of A&R at Warner Bros, and played keyboards and percussion on the completed album, as well as adding background vocals. [1] The U.S. release of Ten Out of 10 also featured three songs co-written by Gold: "Power of Love," "Runaway" and "We’ve Heard It All Before". [2] It led to an offer to join the band – an offer Gold declined because of other commitments. [3]

Initial work

After 10cc split in 1983, Graham Gouldman persuaded Gold to visit him at his home in Mottram St Andrew, England, to write and spend some time together. Gold ended up staying for seven months. During this period, they wrote enough songs for an album. They chose World in Action as the band name and released a single, "Don't Break My Heart." Soon afterwards, they changed the name of the collaboration to Common Knowledge and later pressings of the debut single went under the new name. A second single, "Victoria", was released, but both singles failed to get any attention, and the album was shelved. [4]

Under the supervision of Harvey Lisberg, Gouldman's long-time manager, the pair started working on songs for a new album, and took the name Wax. They signed with RCA Records, and released three studio albums between 1986 and 1989. [5] The band's best known singles during that period were "Right Between the Eyes" and "Bridge to Your Heart [6] with the latter being a European hit which was supported by European TV appearances including performances of the song on the renowned, high-profile British pop-music showcase Top of the Pops [7] and the German series Peter's Pop Show. [8]

The band's third album failed to achieve the level of success of its predecessor and both Gold and Gouldman went on to continue with other ventures.


In the beginning of 1990, Gouldman was offered the chance to reform 10cc with Eric Stewart. They got back together to record the group's comeback album ...Meanwhile , on which Andrew Gold also appeared, adding guitar to the track "Charity Begins at Home". Andrew Gold himself re-formed Bryndle with its original members to record their self-titled debut album.

Gouldman and Stewart continued as 10cc and their next album, Mirror Mirror , also featured Gold. His contributions were backing vocals on "Grow Old With Me" and lead vocals on "Ready to Go Home," the latter co-written by Gold and Gouldman. Despite Gold not being an official member of 10cc, the band still released "Ready to Go Home" with his lead vocals. [9]

Later work

After 10cc's second split, Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman continued to work together both as Wax and on each other's solo records. First new Wax material resulted in The Wax Files compilation album released in 1997, putting together six new songs, two previously unreleased Common Knowledge tracks, and already released material from the 1980s. [10]

In 1998, their Common Knowledge album was finally released as Common Knowledge.com , with several new tracks, under the Wax name.

A collection of out-takes and rarities, Bikini, was released in 2000. [6] [11]

The first band's live album was released in 2019. [12] [13]


Studio albums

TitleAlbum detailsPeak chart positions
Magnetic Heaven
  • Released: 1986
  • Label: RCA
American English
  • Released: 1987
  • Label: RCA
A Hundred Thousand in Fresh Notes
  • Released: 1989
  • Label: RCA
Common Knowledge.com
  • Released: 1998
  • Label: For Your Love

Live albums

TitleAlbum details
Live in Concert 1987

Compilation albums

TitleAlbum details
Works: Best Of Andrew Gold & Graham Gouldman
  • Released: 1996
  • Label: Camden
The Wax Files
  • Released: 1997
  • Label: For Your Love
  • Released: 2000
  • Label: Qwarkbrain Records


YearTitleAlbumChart positions
1984"Don't Break My Heart"
(as World in Action / Common Knowledge)
common knowledge.com
(as Common Knowledge)
"Ball and Chain"Magnetic Heaven
1986"Shadows of Love"
"Right Between the Eyes"6018282443
1987"In Some Other World"American English37
"Bridge to Your Heart"123191169
"American English"2996
1989"Wherever You Are"A Hundred Thousand in Fresh Notes
"Anchors Aweigh"95

Other Gold-Gouldman collaborations

1981 Ten Out of 10 10ccAndrew Gold co-wrote, co-produced and performed on "The Power of Love", "We've Heard It All Before" and "Run Away"
1992 ...Meanwhile Andrew Gold plays 12 string guitar on "Charity Begins at Home"
1995 Mirror Mirror Andrew Gold performs lead vocal on "Ready To Go Home" and backing vocals on "Grow Old With Me"
1996...Since 1951Andrew GoldMost of the tracks on the album co-written and performed with Graham Gouldman. "Ready To Go Home" is taken from 10cc album Mirror Mirror , "Can Anybody See You" and "Baby's Got A Gun" would later appear on The Wax Files, while "First Time In Love" would later appear on Common Knowledge.com. "The King of Showbiz" is Andrew Gold's solo recording of the Common Knowledge.com track
1997 Thank You for Being a Friend: The Best of Andrew Gold The album includes "Can Anybody See You" and "The King of Showbiz" from ...Since 1951
Greetings From Planet LoveThe Fraternal Order Of The AllThe song "Love Tonight" is written by Andrew Gold, Graham Gouldman and Mike Botts. The album also includes "The King of Showbiz" that would later appear on Common Knowledge.com
1998LeftoversAndrew Gold1989 song "Tail Lights" written by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman
2000 And Another Thing... Graham Gouldman
2011The Essential CollectionAndrew GoldAndrew Gold's best of compilation includes several Wax tracks

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