Welsh Football League

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Welsh Football League
Welsh football league logo.png
Founded1904;116 years ago (1904)
(as "Rhymney Valley League Div. 1")
CountryFlag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales
Number of teams32 (16 in each division)
Level on pyramid1 (1904–1992)
2 (1992–2019)
3 & 4 (1992–2020)
Domestic cup(s) Welsh Cup
Welsh Football League Cup

The Welsh Football League (also known as the Nathaniel Car Sales Welsh Football League for sponsorship reasons) was a club football league in Wales. For its final season in 2019–20 season it operated at levels 3 and 4 of the Welsh football league system. Level 3 – the Welsh Football League Division One and level 4 Welsh Football League Division Two. It folded in 2020 after the Football Association of Wales took over the running of tier 3 leagues and the responsibility for tier 4 passed to regional football associations.


The Welsh Football League's history stretches back to 1904 when the competition was first formed and Aberdare were crowned first champions of a seven-team First Division. Abergavenny were champions of Division 2 and Trelewis the winners of Division 3.

The first season in 1904–05

In April 1904, the Merthyr Express newspaper reported that a new football league would be formed in addition to the South Wales League which had been in existence since 1891.

This new competition would be named the Rhymney Valley League and the reason for its creation was due to the South Wales League being overly dominated by Cardiff clubs, though the number of teams from Cardiff barely numbered more than a couple in any one season. [1]


Division 1 of the League operated at the 2nd level of the Welsh system, until 2019–20, when it was replaced at that level by the FAW Championship. [2]

Former divisions

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Cymru Premier Association football league in Wales, UK

The Cymru Premier is the national football league of Wales. It has both professional and semi-professional status clubs and is at the top of the Welsh football league system. Prior to 2002, the league was known as the League of Wales (LoW), but changed its name as part of a sponsorship deal to the Welsh Premier League. The league has been rebranded as the Cymru Premier for the 2019–20 season.

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The Welsh Football League Division One, known as the Nathanielcars.co.uk Welsh League First Division for sponsorship reasons, was a football league in South Wales. It formed the top division of the Welsh Football League and the second level of the Welsh football league system until the 2019–20 season when it was replaced by the Cymru South. From the 2019–20 season it operated at the third level of the Welsh football league system.

The Welsh Football League Division Three, was a football league.

Cardiff Metropolitan University F.C. Association football club in Wales

Cardiff Metropolitan University Football Club are a Welsh football club, of the Athletic Union of Cardiff Metropolitan University, based in Cyncoed, Cardiff that plays in the Cymru Premier. The club badge features the bowman with the words 'I lwyddo, rhaid chwarae' which is translated as 'To succeed, [one] must play'.

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Rugby league is a sport played in Wales. The governing body of the game in Wales is the Wales Rugby League.

Ton Pentre Football Club is a football team based in Ton Pentre, Wales, which plays in the Ardal Leagues South West, the third level of Welsh league football.

Association football is one of the most popular sports in Wales, along with rugby union. Wales has produced club teams of varying fortunes since the early birth of football during the Victorian period, and in 1876 a Wales national football team played their first international match. Football has always had a close rivalry with the country's de facto national sport rugby union, and it is much discussed as to which is Wales' more popular game. The Football Association of Wales (FAW), was established in 1876 to oversee the Wales national team and govern the sport in Wales, later creating and running the Welsh football league system.

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The Welsh Premier League is the top level women's football league in Wales.

STM Sports F.C.

STM Sports Association Football Club was a Welsh football club. They were based in St Mellons, Cardiff and played at Cardiff University Sports fields.

The Cymru Leagues is an umbrella name for the top two tiers of the Welsh football league system. It consists of the Cymru Premier at Tier 1, as well as the Cymru North and Cymru South at the second tier.

The Ardal Leagues are a football league in Wales. They have clubs with amateur/semi-professional status and sit at the third level of the Welsh football league system. The first year of their operation will be 2020–21 with the Football Association of Wales owning and administering the tier 3 leagues for the first time. These changes follow from a review of the Welsh football pyramid. To be eligible clubs need to meet the criteria for FAW tier 3 certification.

Cardiff Draconians Football Club is a Welsh football team based in Gabalfa, Cardiff, Wales. They play in the Ardal Leagues South West which is in the third tier of the Welsh football league system.


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