Wenceslaus II, Duke of Bohemia

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Wenceslaus II (Czech : Václav II.) (1137 – after 1192) was the son of Soběslav I and brother of Soběslav II. He was the duke of Bohemia following Conrad II in 1191.

He was the duke of Olomouc and Brno, but was deposed by Duke Frederick in 1179 and exiled. He returned from exile after thirteen years on Conrad's death.

Wenceslaus was deposed after a reign of three months by Frederick's half-brother Ottokar. He tried to flee to the Emperor Henry VI, but was captured by the margrave of Lusatia, who imprisoned him until his death.

Preceded by
Conrad II
Duke of Bohemia
Succeeded by
Ottokar I

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Soběslav II, called Prince of the Peasants or King of the Peasants, was the Duke of Bohemia from 1173 to 1178. He was the second son of Soběslav I. Supported by neither nobles nor emperor, he was backed solely by the lowest classes.

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Conrad II Otto, a member of Přemyslid dynasty, was the first margrave of Moravia from 1182 to 1189 and duke of Bohemia from 1189 until his death.

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Seniorate Province, also known as the Senioral Province, Duchy of Kraków, Duchy of Cracow, Principality of Cracow, Principality of Kraków, was the superior among the five provinces established in 1138 according to the Testament of Bolesław III Wrymouth. It existed during the period of fragmentation of Poland until 1320, centered at Kraków in Lesser Poland. The Seniorate Province was supposed to be ruled by the rotating head of the royal Piast dynasty, a principality that he held as overlord of the other Polish dukes.

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Elisabeth of Greater Poland, Duchess of Bohemia Czech princess

Elisabeth of Greater Poland was a Polish princess of the House of Piast and, by her two marriages, Duchess of Bohemia and Margravine of Lusatia.

Conrad II of Znojmo Peerage person ID=150040

Conrad II of Znojmo, a member of the Přemyslid dynasty, was a Bohemian prince who ruled in the Moravian principality of Znojmo from 1123 to 1128 and again from 1134 until his death.