Werner – Beinhart!

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Werner – Beinhart!
Directed byNiki List (live action)

Gerhard Hahn  [ de ] (animation)

Michael Schaack  [ de ] (animation)
Produced by Bernd Eichinger
Written byErnst Kahl

Voices (animated scenes):

  • Otto Sander: Narrator
  • Klaus Büchner: Werner
  • Andi Feldmann: Foreman Röhrich / Andi
  • Kulle Westphal: Eckat
  • Ernie Reinhardt: Mrs. (Frau) Gloer
  • Eva Mattes: Mrs. (Frau) Hansen
  • Raymond Voß: Präsi
  • Jan Fedder: Herbert / construction worker
  • Benno Hoffmann: Policeman Bruno
CinematographyEgon Werdin
Distributed by Constantin Film
Release date
29. November 1990
Running time
93 minutes
Budget8 million Deutsche Mark
Box office$24 million [1]

Werner – Beinhart! is the first German comedy-comic-film adaption based upon the most successful German comic Werner by "Brösel".



Shooting took place in Kiel, Flensburg and Berlin between June and September 1990.

The film contains animated sequences that are embedded in those of the live-action sequences, which form the background story.

The football-game-scene is from the comic Werner – Alles klar? (1982), the pipe burst scene (alias Lehrjahre II) derives from the book Werner – Normal ja! (1987), the road work scene (alias Lehrjahre I) is from Werner – Wer sonst? (1983), the TÜV-scene is seen in, Werner – Eiskalt! (1985), the hospital scene is from Werner – Wer sonst? and the eatery-scene derives from Werner – Oder was? (1981) and Werner – Normal ja!.


With 4.9 million tickets sold, it was the third most successful movie in theaters in Germany in 1990, behind Look Who's Talking and Pretty Woman , and one of the highest-grossing German films in the 1990s with a gross of $24 million (€19.7 million). [1] [2]



The film was followed by four sequels:

The first sequel, Werner – Das muß kesseln!!! (Werner - That's Hot), was the most expensive German animated film of all-time, with a cost of $12 million (8 million Deutsch mark). It opened on 633 screens on Thursday, June 27, 1996. [1] The sequel performed better than the original, with 1.5 million admissions in its first week, the second-highest ever for a German film at the time, and almost 5 million admissions in total, generating a gross of €24 million. [2]

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