Wild Angels (1969 film)

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Wild Angels (Divlji anđeli) is a 1969 Croatian film directed by Fadil Hadžić, starring Božidar Orešković, Mladen Crnobrnja and Igor Galo.



Inspired by crime movies, three young men decide to rob a store. With the stolen money, they go to a seaside resort to have some fun, but after a while the police tracks them down. [1]

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Nogometni klub Zagreb, commonly known as NK Zagreb or simply Zagreb, is an amateur Croatian football club based in the Croatian capital city of Zagreb, currently playing in the Četvrta HNL Center, which is a fourth tier league competition in the Croatian football league system. The club was founded in 1908 as HŠK Zagreb, meaning Hrvatski Športski Klub Zagreb. In 2018 after managing Stadion Kranjčevićeva as their home ground since 1946 for 72 years, NK Zagreb was denied of new managing contract by the city's officials which in the end led to eviction from the venue in October 2018. So, as of 2018–19 season NK Zagreb is using their training camp ZAGREBello venue as a home ground for its official fixtures which is located in Veslačka street. The team's traditional home colours are white shirts, shorts and socks which is the reason why they are referred to as Bijeli in Croatian, meaning "The Whites". Another popular nickname of the club is "The Poets", Pjesnici in Croatian, due to their former location of home ground at Kranjčevićeva street which is named after Croatian poet Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević.

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"Kad zaspu anđeli", also known as "Ostani" ("Stay"), was the Croatian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000, performed in Croatian by Goran Karan. Karan wanted to perform the song in English on the Eurovision night but he was not allowed due to the public voting. A similar vote was in place the year before where the public voted that Doris sang her song "Marija Magdalena" in Croatian as opposed to English.

The outlaw biker film is a film genre that portrays its characters as motorcycle riding rebels. The characters are usually members of an outlaw motorcycle club.

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The Ustaše militia was the military branch of the Ustaše, established by the fascist regime of Ante Pavelić in the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), an Axis puppet state in Yugoslavia during World War II.

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The 2025 IHF World Men's Handball Championship, will be the 29th event hosted by the International Handball Federation. It will be held in Croatia, Denmark and Norway in January 2025.


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