Wildcat Mountain (Missouri)

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Wildcat Mountain
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Wildcat Mountain
Highest point
Elevation 1760+ ft (536+ m)  NGVD 29 [1]
Coordinates 37°34′05″N90°45′16″W / 37.5681041°N 90.7545671°W / 37.5681041; -90.7545671 Coordinates: 37°34′05″N90°45′16″W / 37.5681041°N 90.7545671°W / 37.5681041; -90.7545671 [2]
Location Iron County, Missouri
Parent range Saint Francois Mountains
Topo map USGS Johnson Shut-Ins

Wildcat Mountain is a summit in Iron County, Missouri, located 1.4 mile s (2.3  km ) west of Taum Sauk Mountain, Missouri's highest peak. Wildcat Mountain's summit elevation is only about two feet less than that of Taum Sauk Mountain.

Iron County, Missouri County in the United States

Iron County is a county located in the Lead Belt region in the U.S. state of Missouri. As of the 2010 census, the population was 10,630. The largest city and county seat is Ironton. Iron County was officially organized on February 17, 1857, and was named after the abundance of iron ore found within its borders.

Mile Unit of length

The mile is an English unit of length of linear measure equal to 5,280 feet, or 1,760 yards, and standardised as exactly 1,609.344 metres by international agreement in 1959.

The kilometre, or kilometer is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one thousand metres. It is now the measurement unit used officially for expressing distances between geographical places on land in most of the world; notable exceptions are the United States and the road network of the United Kingdom where the statute mile is the official unit used.

Wildcat Mountain was named for the wildcats in the area. [3]


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St. Francois Mountains mountain in United States of America

The St. Francois Mountains in southeast Missouri are a mountain range of Precambrian igneous mountains rising over the Ozark Plateau. This range is one of the oldest exposures of igneous rock in North America. The name of the range is spelled out as Saint Francois Mountains in official GNIS sources, but it is sometimes misspelled in use as St. Francis Mountains to match the anglicized pronunciation of both the range and St. Francois County.

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The Ozark Trail is a hiking, backpacking, and, in many places, biking and equestrian trail under construction in the Missouri Ozarks in the United States. It is intended to reach from St. Louis to Arkansas. Over 350 miles (563 km) of the trail have been completed as of 2008, and the estimated length when finished will be at least 500 miles (805 km). When joined to the Ozark Highlands Trail in Arkansas, the full hiking distance from end to end will be at least 700 miles (1,127 km), not including a large loop through the St. Francois Mountains in Missouri.

Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Power Station lake in Missouri, United States of America

The Taum Sauk pumped storage plant is in the St. Francois mountain region of the Missouri Ozarks about 90 miles (140 km) south of St. Louis near Lesterville, Missouri, in Reynolds County. It is operated by Ameren Missouri.

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Taum Sauk Mountain in the Saint Francois Mountains is the highest natural point in the U.S. state of Missouri at 1,772 feet . The topography of Taum Sauk is that of an elongated ridge with a NNW-SSE orientation rather than a peak.

Route 49 is a highway in eastern Missouri. Its northern terminus is at Route 19 in Cherryville; is southern terminus is at U.S. Route 67 five miles (8 km) east of Williamsville.

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The Black River is a tributary of the White River, about 300 miles (480 km) long, in southeastern Missouri and northeastern Arkansas in the United States. Via the White River, it is part of the Mississippi River watershed. Black River Technical College is named for the river.

Lesterville, Missouri unincorporated community

Lesterville, Missouri is an unincorporated community in southeast Missouri. It is located in Reynolds County on Routes 21, 49, and 72 near the Black River.

Johnsons Shut-Ins State Park

Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park is a public recreation area covering 8,781 acres (3,554 ha) on the East Fork Black River in Reynolds County, Missouri. The state park is jointly administered with adjoining Taum Sauk Mountain State Park, and together the two parks cover more than sixteen thousand acres in the St. Francois Mountains region of the Missouri Ozarks.

Bell Mountain Wilderness

The United States Congress designated the Bell Mountain Wilderness in 1980. The wilderness area now has a total of 9,027 acres (36.53 km2). Bell Mountain is located within the Potosi-Fredericktown Ranger District of the Mark Twain National Forest, south of Potosi, Missouri in the United States. The wilderness lies in the Saint Francois Mountains and it was named after its highest point, Bell Mountain. The namesake Bell Mountain has the name of Henry Bell, a pioneer settler. The Bell Mountain Wilderness is one of eight wilderness areas protected and preserved in Missouri. The area is popular for hiking as there are 12 miles (19 km) of trail, including a section of the Ozark Trail.

Taum Sauk Mountain State Park

Taum Sauk Mountain State Park is a Missouri state park located in the St. Francois Mountains in the Ozarks. The park encompasses Taum Sauk Mountain, the highest point in the state. The Taum Sauk portion of the Ozark Trail connects the park with nearby Johnson's Shut-ins State Park and the Bell Mountain Wilderness Area, which together are part of a large wilderness area popular with hikers and backpackers.

Arcadia Valley valley in Missouri, United States

Arcadia Valley in Missouri is located 80 miles south of St. Louis in the St. Francois Mountains of the Ozark Plateau. The valley includes of the towns of Arcadia, Ironton and Pilot Knob, all founded in the 19th century.

Claybaugh Creek is a stream in the Saint Francois Mountains of Iron County in the U.S. state of Missouri.

Ketcherside Mountain mountain in United States of America

Ketcherside Mountain is a summit in Iron County in the U.S. state of Missouri. The peak lies about 4 12 miles (7 km) southeast of Taum Sauk Mountain and about 6 12 miles (10 km) south-southwest of Ironton. Hogan and Hogan Mountain lie to the west-southwest.

Russell Mountain mountain in  Missouri

Russell Mountain is a summit in Iron County in the U.S. state of Missouri. Russell Mountain lies just east of Taum Sauk Mountain and Missouri Route CC provides access to the two peaks from combined Missouri routes 21 and 72 to the east. The town of Ironton is about six miles to the northeast. The Tom Sauk Trail traverses the Russell Mountain ridge.

Stouts Creek river in the United States of America

Stouts Creek is a stream in Iron and Madison counties in the U.S. state of Missouri. The stream headwaters lie just northwest of Taum Sauk Mountain and it flows north then east to cross under Missouri Route 21 between Ironton and Arcadia. It continues east passing under Missouri Route 72 and past Lake Killarney. It flows into Madison County to its confluence with the St. Francis River east of Roselle.

Vail Mountain is a summit in Iron County in the U.S. state of Missouri. The summit has an elevation of 1,404 feet (428 m). Vail Mountain lies to the east of Russell Mountain and the road to the summit of Taum Sauk Mountain passes just west of the summit of Vail Mountain. Routes 21 and 72 traverse the south spur of the mountain before heading south through Royal Gorge. The summit is about 3 miles (4.8 km) southwest of Arcadia and Ironton.

Taum Sauk Creek is a stream in Iron and Reynolds Counties in the U.S. state of Missouri.