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Wilhelm Ferdinand Erichson

Dr Wilhelm Ferdinand Erichson (26 November 1809 in Stralsund – 18 December 1848 in Berlin) was a trained medical doctor and a German entomologist.

He was the author of many articles about insects mainly in Archiv für Naturgeschichte . When writing in Latin, he latinised Wilhelm to Guillelmus becoming either Guil. F. Erichson or G.F. Erichson. [1] [2] He wrote a paper in 1842 on insect species collected at Woolnorth in Tasmania, Australia, [3] which was the first detailed research published on the biogeography of Australian animals and was very influential in raising scientific interest in Australian fauna.[ citation needed ]

Erichson was the curator of the Coleoptera collections at the Museum fur Naturkunde in Berlin from 1834 to 1848. Erichson's Scarabaeidae classification is nearly identical to the modern one. [4]


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