William Downie Stewart Jr

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The third New Zealand Parliament was a term of the Parliament of New Zealand. Elections for this term were held between 12 December 1860 and 28 March 1861 in 43 electorates to elect 53 MPs. Two electorates were added to this during this term, Gold Fields District and a new Dunedin electorate created by splitting the existing City of Dunedin into Dunedin and Suburbs North and Dunedin and Suburbs South, increasing the number of MPs to 57. During the term of this Parliament, six Ministries were in power.

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Rachelina Hepburn Armitage was a New Zealand welfare worker and community leader.


William Downie Stewart Jr
William Downie Stewart.jpg
24th Minister of Finance
In office
24 May 1926 10 December 1928
Political offices
Preceded by Attorney-General
Succeeded by
Preceded bySucceeded by
Preceded by Minister of Justice
Succeeded by
Minister of Police