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William Hoare (c. 1707–1792) was an English artist.

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Hoare is an English surname derived from Middle English hor(e) meaning grey- or white-haired. Notable people with the surname include:

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Charles Arthur Richard Hoare was an English banker who became a Senior Partner in the private bank C. Hoare & Co. He was a keen amateur cricketer who played one first-class cricket match for Kent County Cricket Club. He was born in Blackfriars in 1847.

Charles Hoare may refer to:

George Matthew Hoare was an English brewer and amateur cricketer.

Henry Hoare (MCC cricketer, 1823) English cricketer

Henry Richard Hoare (1784–1836) was an English amateur cricketer.

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Henry Hoare was an English banker and garden owner-designer.

Hamilton Noel Hoare was an English cricketer. He was born at Pound Hill, Sussex. He later changed his name to Hamilton Noel Hamilton-Hoare on the death of his maternal uncle, Sir John Hamilton, in 1882.

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William Hoare was an English first-class cricketer, cricket administrator, banker and brewer.