Willow Creek (Colorado)

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Willow Creek [1]
Physical characteristics
  coordinates 40°14′45″N105°59′35″W / 40.24583°N 105.99306°W / 40.24583; -105.99306
Confluence with Colorado River
40°07′08″N105°55′14″W / 40.11889°N 105.92056°W / 40.11889; -105.92056 Coordinates: 40°07′08″N105°55′14″W / 40.11889°N 105.92056°W / 40.11889; -105.92056
7,936 ft (2,419 m)
Basin features
Progression Colorado

Willow Creek is a tributary of the Colorado River, approximately 35 miles (56 km) long, [2] in north central Colorado in the United States.

It rises in northwestern Grand County, in the Arapaho National Forest south of Willow Creek Pass at the continental divide. It flows southeast, through Willow Creek Reservoir and joins the Colorado three miles northeast of Granby.

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