Winifred Allen

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Winifred Allen
Silent film actress Winifred Allen (SAYRE 1618).jpg
Allen in 1921
Born(1896-06-26)June 26, 1896
DiedJanuary 3, 1943(1943-01-03) (aged 46)
Other namesWinifred Sperry Tenney
Years active1915–1924
(m. 1918;died 1923)

Vernon E. Tenney
(m. 19??)

Winifred Allen (June 26, 1896 January 3, 1943) was an American silent film actress. She appeared in several films between 1915 and 1924. She was known later as Winifred Sperry Tenney. [1]


Early years

Born in New Rochelle, Allen graduated from the public schools there and went on to study at the Art Students' League. The deaths of both parents prompted her to leave school and seek a career in films. [2]


Poster for From Two to Six (1918) From Two to Six (1918) poster.jpg
Poster for From Two to Six (1918)

Allen acted with the Edison and Reliance studios, as well as with other film companies. [3] She appeared in 11 films, listed by the American Film Institute, between 1915 and 1924. [4]

Personal life

In 1918 she married aviation pioneer Lawrence Sperry (1892-1923), and Flying magazine reported that they were "the first couple to take an aerial honeymoon" after they flew from Amityville to Governors Island. [5] After his death in an airplane crash, [6] she married Vernon E. Tenney. [7]

Selected filmography

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