Wong Tin-lam

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Wong Tin-Lam
Born(1927-09-11)11 September 1927
Died16 November 2010(2010-11-16) (aged 83)
Other namesWang Tianlin
Occupation(s) screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor
Leung Shuk Man
(m. 19542003)
Relatives Wong Jing (son)
Awards Asia-Pacific Film Festival Best Director Award
1959 All in the Family Golden Bauhinia AwardsLife Achievement Award

Chinese name
Musical career

Wong Tin-Lam (1927–2010) was a Chinese screenwriter, producer, director, and actor, who has contributed to the Hong Kong cinema scene with a career spanning six decades. He has made films in Cantonese, Mandarin and Amoy dialect. [1]



Wong began as a film director in the mid-1950s, working for the Hsin Hwa Motion Picture Company (renamed to Xinhua Film Company in 1957).

Wong later joined Cathay Organisation. When Cathay Studios was shut down in the early 1970s, Wong continued to establish himself as a filmmaker, making TV drama serials by combining film production techniques with the flexibility of television production, and became a trendsetter in melodrama and wuxia serials. [1]

Wong retired from the television production scene, and in his later career could be seen in appearances and supporting roles in films directed by Johnnie To, Wai Ka-Fai and his son, Wong Jing, who has followed in his footsteps.


This is a partial list of films.

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