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Xiangling (Chinese :香菱; pinyin :Xiānglíng, rendered Caltrop in David Hawkes's translation) is a character in the 18th century novel Dream of the Red Chamber . She is the primary maid of the Xue household. Originally named Zhen Yinglian (Chinese:甄英蓮; pinyin:Zhēn Yīnglián), she is the lost daughter of Zhen Shiyin (甄士隱), the country gentleman in Chapter 1. Kidnapped as a young girl on the streets and sold to the Xue family under the name Xiangling (Lotus). Also an unofficial "concubine" to Xue Pan, she is greatly abused by him and later his wife, the cruel Xia Jingui. Xiangling is a kind girl who is much loved by Aunt Xue and Xue Baochai.

When Pan leaves on a business trip and Jingui tries to kill Xiangling, Baochai takes her to the Garden to live with her. There, Xiangling is taught to write verses (Shi (poetry)). In the Cheng-Gao version, Xiangling eventually dies of Xue Pan's maltreatment.


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<i>Dream of the Red Chamber</i> One of Chinas Four Great Classical Novels

Dream of the Red Chamber, also called The Story of the Stone, or Hongloumeng, composed by Cao Xueqin, is one of China's Four Great Classical Novels. It was written some time in the middle of the 18th century during the Qing dynasty. Long considered a masterpiece of Chinese literature, the novel is generally acknowledged to be one of the pinnacles of Chinese fiction. "Redology" is the field of study devoted exclusively to this work.

Jia Baoyu is the principal character in the classic 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber.

Lin Daiyu is one of the principal characters of Cao Xueqin's classic 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. She is portrayed as a well-educated, intelligent, witty and beautiful young woman of physical frailness who is somewhat prone to occasional melancholy. The romance between Daiyu and Jia Baoyu forms one of the main threads of the book.

Xue Pan

Xue Pan is a secondary character in the classic 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. He is a ne'er-do-well lout who is guilty of the killing of a man over a beautiful slave girl, Zhen Yinglian, who is renamed as Xiangling (Lotus). He has the manslaughter case done over with money, then escapes to the capital from Jinling.

Lady Wang

Lady Wang (王夫人) is a character in the classic Chinese 18th century novel Dream of the Red Chamber. She is the wife of Jia Zheng, and mother of Jia Zhu, Jia Yuanchun and Jia Baoyu. She is the elder sister of Aunt Xue and hence the maternal aunt to Xue Baochai and Xue Pan.

Xue Baochai is one of the principal characters in the classic 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. Described as extremely beautiful and socially graceful, her attributes complement those of her cousin Lin Daiyu. Indeed, it has been suggested that the two women are complements of one another – each has exactly the attributes of Cao Xueqin's ideal woman which the other lacks.

Lady Zhen

Lady Zhen, personal name unknown, was the first wife of Cao Pi, the first ruler of the state of Cao Wei in the Three Kingdoms period. In 226, she was posthumously honoured as Empress Wenzhao when her son, Cao Rui, succeeded Cao Pi as the emperor of Wei.

Shi Xiangyun is a major fictional character in the classic 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber, one of the characters known as the Twelve Beauties. She is Baoyu's younger second cousin by the Dowager, Grandmother Jia. Xiangyun is the favorite grandniece of the Dowager, Baoyu's grandmother.

Xue Tao Tang Dynasty poet

Xue Tao, courtesy name Hongdu (洪度/宏度) was a Chinese poet and courtesan of the Tang dynasty. She was one of the most famous women poets of Tang poetry, along with Yu Xuanji and Li Ye.

Jingui Yaolüe, Essential Prescriptions from the Golden Cabinet is a classic clinical book of traditional Chinese medicine written by Zhang Zhongjing (150-219) at the end of the Eastern Han dynasty and was first published in the Northern Song dynasty. The oldest known extant copy, believed to be bibliographically closest to the original, dates to 1340 and was printed with woodcuts in the early Ming dynasty.

Dream of the Red Chamber, first released in 1987, is a television series produced by CCTV adapted from the classic 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. It gained enormous popularity for its music, cast, and plot adaptation. It was first filmed in Beijing in Mandarin, then the series was dubbed in Cantonese and Shanghainese. The series is 36 episodes long.


The Daguanyuan, variously translated as Grand View Garden or Prospect Garden, is a large landscaped interior garden in the classic 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber, built within the compounds of the Rongguo Mansion. It is the setting for much of the story.

Zhen Wenhua is a former female shot put athlete from China. She competed at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, finishing in twelfth place in the overall-rankings.

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Dream of the Red Chamber is a 1944 Chinese film directed by Bu Wancang. It is an adaptation of the classic 18th century Qing-era novel by Cao Xueqin.

<i>The Dream of Red Mansions</i> (2010 TV series)

The Dream of Red Mansions is a 2010 Chinese television series, produced by Han Sanping and directed by Fifth Generation director Li Shaohong. It is a new adaptation of the classic 18th century novel Dream of the Red Chamber. The series, comprising 50 episodes, made its debut on 6 July 2010 on 9 terrestrial networks across China.

Zhen (surname) Surname list

Zhen, is a Chinese family name that takes the 205th place in the Hundred Family Surnames. The Chinese character for Zhen is the same in traditional and simplified characters. It is usually romanised as Yan or Yen in Cantonese. In Vietnamese the surname is written as Trân.

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Michelle Bai is a Chinese actress and singer.

A Dream of Red Mansions is a Chinese serial feature film produced by Beijing Film Studio, released in 6 parts between 1988 and 1989. Directed by Xie Tieli (谢铁骊) and Zhao Yuan (赵元), it is a cinematic adaptation of the 18th-century Chinese novel of the same name. The film took two years to prepare and three years to shoot, and remains, at 735 minutes, the longest ever made in the People's Republic of China.

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