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Location in Cyprus
Coordinates: 34°58′30″N33°51′6″E / 34.97500°N 33.85167°E / 34.97500; 33.85167 Coordinates: 34°58′30″N33°51′6″E / 34.97500°N 33.85167°E / 34.97500; 33.85167
CountryFlag of Cyprus.svg  Cyprus
District Larnaca District
 (2011) [1]
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
  Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)
Website www.xylophagou.com.cy

Xylofagou (Greek : Ξυλοφάγου [locally  [ksiloˈfau] ]) is a sprawling Greek-Cypriot village situated close to the A3 Motorway between Dhekelia (Larnaca) and Paralimni / Agia Napa. It lies on the northern flank of a hill, [2] on the edge of an area of a group of several similar villages known as the "Kokkinochoria" ("the red villages"), known for growing vegetables, especially potatoes, in red soil.



"Xylo" is the Greek word for "wood" and a "fagou" is an extremely popular barbecue-style spit roast used on holidays and high-days for cooking souvlakia. Most of the village lies in Larnaca District.


The town is home to a medieval Venetian watchtower. [3] [4]

Near Xylofagou is the Cave of the 40 Martyrs, where Christian soldiers sacrificed their lives in the 16th century to evade capture by the Ottomans. [5]

To commemorate the essential part the potato played in the Community's establishment and growth, a 16-foot-tall potato statue was erected in the village. The statue proved controversial, with some mocking its suggestive shape. [6] Community leader George Tasou responded to the comments by stating “I'm not bothered because it’s brought publicity to our village, and I’m hoping it will promote the Cyprus potato around the world”. [7]

Xylophagou Tower

Xylophagou Tower
(Greek: Ο Πύργος της Ξυλοφάγου, Turkish: Xylofagou Gözetleme Kulesi)
Cyprus location map.svg
Red pog.svg
Location within Cyprus
General information
Architectural style Medieval
Town or cityXylofagou
Country Dhekelia, Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Akrotiri and Dhekelia
Larnaca District Flag of Cyprus.svg  Cyprus
Coordinates 34°57′01″N33°51′21″E / 34.950326°N 33.855896°E / 34.950326; 33.855896

Xylophagou Tower is a Venetian watchtower located in Pyrgos, south of Xylofagou. [8] [9]

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The 2015–16 Cypriot Cup was the 74th edition of the Cypriot Cup. A total of 28 clubs entered the competition. It began on 28 October 2015 with the first round and concluded on 18 May 2016 with the final which was held at Tsirion Stadium. Apollon clinched their 8th Cypriot Cup trophy after a 2–1 victory over Omonia.


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