Yamaguchi Line

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Yamaguchi Line
JRW DC kiha40 watarigawa.jpg
An all-stations "Local" service formed of two KiHa 40 series DMU cars in September 2009
Native name山口線
StatusIn operation
Owner JR West
Locale Yamaguchi Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture
Termini Shin-Yamaguchi
Type Regional rail
Operator(s) JR West, JR Freight
Rolling stock KiHa 40 series, KiHa 120 series, KiHa 187 series DMU, D51 200 steam locomotive, 35 series passenger cars
Opened20 February 1913
Line length93.9 km (58.3 mi)
Number of tracksEntire line single tracked
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification None
Operating speed85 km/h (53 mph)

The Yamaguchi Line (山口線, Yamaguchi-sen) is a railway line in western Japan operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). The line connects Shin-Yamaguchi Station in Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi and Masuda Station in Masuda, Shimane.



The Ogori (now Shin-Yamaguchi) - Yamaguchi section opened in 1913, and the line was progressively extended north, reaching Masuda in 1923.

CTC signalling was commissioned in 1984.

Proposed connecting line


The Super Oki limited express connects Shin-Yamaguchi Station with Yonago Station and Tottori Station on the Sanin Main Line via the Yamaguchi Line.

The line is also famous for the operation of the rapid SL Yamaguchi steam train.


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StationJapaneseDistance (km)Rapid
Commuter Liner
Shin-Yamaguchi 新山口0.0 Sanyō Shinkansen
Sanyō Main Line
Ube Line
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Prefecture
Suō-Shimogō 周防下郷1.0 
Kamigō 上郷2.7 
Nihozu 仁保津4.6 
Ōtoshi 大歳7.3 
Yabara 矢原8.6 
Yudaonsen 湯田温泉10.3 
Yamaguchi 山口12.7 
Kami-Yamaguchi 上山口13.9  
Miyano 宮野15.5  
Niho 仁保20.2  
Shinome 篠目28.9  
Chōmonkyō 長門峡32.3  
Watarigawa 渡川35.5  
Mitani 三谷38.6  
Nagusa 名草41.4  
Jifuku 地福43.9  
Nabekura 鍋倉46.4  
Tokusa 徳佐49.9  
Funahirayama 船平山52.8  
Tsuwano 津和野62.9   Tsuwano,
Shimane Prefecture
Aonoyama 青野山66.1  
Nichihara 日原72.8  
Aohara 青原77.5  
Higashi-Aohara 東青原80.6  
Iwami-Yokota 石見横田84.7   Masuda
Honmataga 本俣賀89.6  
Masuda 益田93.9  Sanin Main Line

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