Yolande Laffon

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Yolande Laffon
Yolande Lamy

24 August 1895
Died15 December 1992(1992-12-15) (aged 97)
Other namesYolande Chamoux
Years active1930-1956 (film)

Yolande Laffon (1895–1992) was a French stage and film actress. [1]


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<i>Twice Upon a Time</i> (1953 film) 1953 film by Emeric Pressburger

Twice Upon a Time is a 1953 British comedy film directed by Emeric Pressburger and starring Hugh Williams, Elizabeth Allan, Yolande Larthe, and Charmian Larthe. It is based on the 1949 novel Lisa and Lottie by Erich Kästner. It concerns twin sisters who are separated when their parents divorce. They meet again by accident when they are sent to the same summer camp, and they hatch a plan to reunite their parents.

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<i>Leathernose</i> 1952 Italian film

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<i>Gigi</i> (1949 film) 1949 French film

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<i>Matrimonial Agency</i> (1952 film) 1952 French film

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La Putain respectueuse is a French drama film from 1952, directed by Marcello Pagliero and Charles Brabant, written by Alexandre Astruc, starring Barbara Laage and Louis de Funès. It is an adaptation of Jean-Paul Sartre's 1946 play The Respectful Prostitute.

Papa, Mama, the Maid and I is a French comedy film from 1954, directed by Jean-Paul Le Chanois, written by Marcel Aymé, starring Robert Lamoureux and Louis de Funès.

<i>To Dorothy, a Son</i> 1950 play

To Dorothy, a Son is a 1950 comedy play by the British writer Roger MacDougall. The plot revolves around a complex inheritance in which the American ex-wife of a man tries to prevent his current pregnant wife giving birth before a certain day, in order that she can claim the money.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ugo D'Alessio</span> Italian actor

Ugo D'Alessio (1909–1979) was an Italian film actor.

The Misfortunes of Sophie is a 1946 French comedy drama film directed by Jacqueline Audry and starring Madeleine Rousset, Marguerite Moreno and Michel Auclair. The film is based on the novel of the same name by La Comtesse de Ségur.

<i>Dilemma of Two Angels</i> 1948 film

Dilemma of Two Angels is a 1948 French comedy crime film directed by Maurice Tourneur and starring Paul Meurisse, Simone Signoret and Marcel Herrand. It was the final film directed by Tourneur in a career that stretched back to the silent era and included nearly a hundred films.

<i>Love Songs</i> (1930 film) 1930 film

Love Songs is a 1930 French-German musical film directed by Robert Florey and starring Yolande Laffon, Piere Bertin and Janine Merrey. A separate German-language film Rendezvous and a Spanish version My Wife's Teacher were also released.

Suzanne is a 1932 French drama film directed by Léo Joannon and Raymond Rouleau and starring Pauline Carton, Louis Florencie and Yves Gladine.

<i>The Mysteries of Paris</i> (1943 film) 1943 film

The Mysteries of Paris is a 1943 French drama film directed by Jacques de Baroncelli and starring Marcel Herrand, Yolande Laffon and Alexandre Rignault. It is based on the novel The Mysteries of Paris by Eugène Sue.

Félix Charles Oudart (1881–1956) was a French stage and film actor.

Giuseppe Pierozzi was an Italian stage and film actor.

Laffon is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

<i>Two Pennies Worth of Violets</i> 1951 film

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Blood to the Head is a 1956 French drama film directed by Gilles Grangier and starring Jean Gabin, Paul Frankeur and Claude Sylvain. It is based on the 1942 novel Young Cardinaud by Georges Simenon.

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Marcel Pérès (1898–1974) was a French film actor who acted prolifically during his long career. He was a character actor often playing smaller, supporting roles.


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